Students should consult with their supervisor before selecting courses. Supervisors may require that students enrol in courses they teach, or may have other suggestions for courses that may be appropriate for a student’s research interests.

There is no departmental requirement to take a particular number of courses during any given session. Normally coursework is spread over the fall and winter sessions and the number taken in a term may vary depending on courses available in a given year and the student’s research interests. Generally, students take up to three courses per term but may take more or less. For master’s students, the expectation is that coursework is completed by end of April year 1 and for PhD students by end of year 1.

Geography & Planning Courses

Courses are available on demand and subject to faculty resources. Consult the Graduate Geography Course Timetable for details. The GGR designation refers to geography courses, the JPG designation refers to joint planning-geography courses. In addition to the courses listed in this handbook, the department may offer Special Topic courses that will be listed each year in the timetable on the website.

Some courses listed on the timetable are offered by faculty who are graduate faculty in the department, but their courses are offered through another unit. These courses which are listed on our timetable will be considered “Geography” courses for the purposes of completing coursework requirements. Enrolment in these courses is subject to available space and permission of the host department.