Planning Graduate Student Current Issues Papers (CIPs)

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Ameer Idreis: Lines in the Land: Storytelling and Human Experiences of the Ontario Greenbelt

Emma Verbisky: Unlocking the Potential of Mass Timber Development in the Greater Toronto Area: A Comprehensive Analysis of Barriers and Recommendations for Adoption

Emily Lengkeek: Access and Equity: Prioritizing Cycling Connections in the Sheppard Subway Corridor

Daniel Kolanko: Making Room for Retail: Removing Barriers to Main Street Retail

Genevieve Drouin: A Climate Safe Home: The Need for Deep Energy Retrofits While Maintaining Housing Security for Tenants in Toronto

Allison Oki: Powering Sustainable Schools: Strategies to Improve Energy Efficiency at the TDSB

Swati Panwar: Enhancing Accessibility and Safety in Toronto's Construction Zones, Examining Construction Site Standards and Enforcement

Erika Lindsay: Infrastructural Challenges for Housing Growth in the Bramalea Neighbourhood: Analysis and Recommendations

Emily Majeed: The Effect of Climate Change-Induced Heatwaves on Low-Income, Racialized Immigrants in the City of Brampton and Adaptation Recommendations

Sandi Boulos: Promoting Social Capital: Fostering the relationship between the City of Mississauga and Resident Associations

Dana McAuley: Brick by Brick: How Private Non-Profits are Sustainably Financing their New-Build Affordable Housing Rental Projects in Ontario

Maheen Khalid: Keeping it Green: Unearthing opportunities and barriers to maintaining green stormwater infrastructure in Toronto and Peel Region

Bita Gharadaghi: Ground-up Development of a Suburban Transit-oriented Community: Lessons from Vaughan's Emerging Downtown

Faizaan Khan: Malvern Memories: From Heritage Preservation to Anti-Displacement in Toronto's Racialized Inner Suburbs

Sara Abdella: Designing Safety: Lessons From and For Regent Park

Dania Asahi Ogie: Nobody's Home: The Increase of Vacant Housing and Emerging Policy Responses in Japan

Jocelyn John: Planning for Resiliency: Planning Strategies for Building Hurricane-Resilient Cities. A case study of Harlem Heights, Florida, after Hurricane Ian

Vivian Patel: Assessing the Age of MURBs and Effective Sequencing of Building Energy Retrofits

Alyssa Woods: Multiple Ownership Mixed-Use: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Opportunities and Barriers to the Adoption of this Development Model in Copenhagen, Denmark

Kathia Johnson: Language Matters: What About Us? Black Disabled Perspectives in Planning Research & Practice

Fatima Zahra Mohammed: "Yes in God's Backyard" Exploring YIGBYism and the Polarized Discourse Surrounding Church-Based Affordable Housing in Ontario

Subaita Refaaf: The First-Mile/ Last-Mile Transit Experience: A Case Study of Guildwood GO

Bushra Amin: Community Hub Funding and Governance: Lessons for Toronto



Priscilla Ankomah-Hackman: On the Path Forward: Exploring the Experiences of Black Planning Students and Professional Planners in Canada

Demetra Barbacuta: 'Slow Your Roll': An Equity-Based Analysis of Toronto and Los Angeles' Slow Street Program 

Fahima Begum: Planning for Sanctuary: Toronto's Role as a Sanctuary City since 2013

Sarah Burrell: Developing a Community Economic Development Fund (CEDIF) Approach for the Ontario Context

Sara Eng: Connecting Transit-Oriented Development and Active Transportation: How far can we GO? 

Brooke Fleming: Dementia Inclusive Communities: Where Does Municipal Policy and Planning Stand?

Siobhan Kelly: Lost in Transition: An Examination of the City of Toronto's Angular Plane Standards

Katelyn Ling: Weaving Equity into Urban Food Systems: Planning for Food and Culture Gardens

Michael Liu: Where Did the Trees Go? A Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Landcover Changes in Toronto's Major Transit Station Areas

Joshua Morales Franco: Multispecies Planning: Connecting the A2A Corridor

Aayesha Patel: Offset Intersections as Barriers to Low-Stress Cycling in Toronto: Early Colonial Origins, Equity Implications, and Design Solutions

Rameez Sadafal: Maintaining the Landscape: An Examination of Current Planning Practices on the Niagara Escarpment

Maggie Sarzynski: Examining Opportunities for Light Industrial Mixed-Use in Toronto's Urban Core

Alexandra Simpson: Toronto's Social Housing Ecosystem: From Metaphor to Analytical Tool?

Dilon Unutkan: Refugee Awareness for Inclusive Communities: A Case of Alevi Kurd Refugees in Toronto

Matthew Whittier: From Concept to Concrete: Advancing Cycling Infrastructure in Scarborough Through Design

2019 – 2020


Elise Antoniadis: Transforming Planning: Stories of Community Resilience and Grassroots Organization Against Displacement Pressures in Toronto, Canada

Ruth Belay: Deconstructing the Ivory Tower: Building Community-University Partnership between the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus and Local Communities

Mackenzie Ceci: Overcoming Financial Constraints: An Examination of Conservation Authorities in Ontario, Canada

Da Chen: Sharing of the Dish: A Dish with One Spoon and Environmental Planning in Toronto

Muna Daear: Density Transition Zones: Managing Intensification Around Major Transit Station Areas

Ali Darouiche: The Climate Resilience Gap in Transit Oriented Development

Ryan Doherty: Achieving Urbanity in the Suburbs: Examining the Structural Factors for Suburban Downtown Redevelopment in Pickering, Ontario

Matthew Doren: Redefining the Suburban Retail Centre: Insight into Auto-Oriented Suburban Retailing Redevelopment

Natalie Elizabeth Douglas: A Panoptic Approach: Integrating a Consumption-Based Emissions Approach to Canadian Planning Practice

Thomas Dybowski: From Malls to Complete Communities: Exploring Community Infrastructure in Toronto's Mall Redevelopments

Sheliza Esmail: Planning in Toronto's Business Improvement Areas

Laura Fylyshtan: A Solution Without a Problem? Zoning for Retail Cannabis Stores in Canadian Municipalities

Katarina Graves: Multispecies Planning in Banff National Park

Christopher Humphries: An Analysis of Strategies for Successful Road Toll Implementation: Lessons for Toronto

Emma Jones: Social Relationships and Gentrification Pressures: Mapping community, connection and care in changing South Parkdale

Samuel Jones: Planning the Deathscape: Assessing the role of cemeteries in the urban fabric of Toronto

Vanessa Grace Kiley: Implementing Indigenous Art in Toronto: A Practical Guide to Supportive Partnership

Hanna Kim: Planning a Dog-Friendly City: The Ruff Battle for Space and the Need for Pawsitive Change in the City of Toronto

Hojoong Lee: Toronto's commuting landscape with UP Express: socioeconomic implications and commuter responses to system changes

Madeline Luker: The planning and policy conflict of waterfront beach ownership in North Simcoe County

Tyler Marr: The Housing and Care Older LGBTQ2S+ Need (and Deserve)

Justin Matthews: Knowledge and Innovation in Northern Ontario: A Tale of Two Mid-Sized Cities

Karina Maynard: Planning considerations for the operational phase of public-private partnerships: Lessons from Canada

Sabrina Musto: Ecotourism in Cuba: the importance of context

Pinremola Olufemi: Ontario’s New Planning Regime: The Community Benefits Charge in Focus

Stephan Pomedli: Partnerships between health service provider organizations and social housing in Toronto: Opportunities for renewed collaboration

Darian Razdar: Holding Horizon: Queer and Trans Cultural Formations in Toronto

Shannon Spencer: The Age of Co-Living: Affordability and Community in Co-housing and Co-operative Housing in Toronto

Claire Stevenson-Blythe: Post-industrial public spaces and homelessness: A case study on The Bentway in Toronto

Andrew Tidswell: Realty Bites: Toronto’s Affordable Housing Policy in Practice

Dannika Van Vugt: A Canadian Municipality Declares a Climate Emergency: Why and What Now?

Melinda Yogendran: Leveraging the Power of Place: Exploring opportunities to strengthen neighbourhood collective agency in Toronto's Downtown East

Merlin Yuen: Modernizing Environmental Assessment to the P3 Procurement Model for Transit Projects in Ontario

Fangkuo (Michelle) Zhong: Pathways to new worker co-operative development: Exploring missing links and opportunities in Toronto’s mainstream entrepreneurship ecosystem

2018 – 2019


Felicity Campbell: From Revitalization to Community Benefits: The Case of Firgrove

Marty Chan: Where do the Babies Go? Examining Downtown Toronto’s Family-Oriented Vertical Community: West Don Lands

Sarah Qi-Ying: Infill-in-the-park? Steps towards guiding development in Toronto’s apartment neighbourhoods

Natasha Cheong: Need over profit or profit over need? The tale of two Canadian cities and their diverging strategies to use public land for affordable housing

Lucy Cui: Keeping Pace: Planning for Community Infrastructure in Toronto’s High Growth Neighbourhoods

Stuart Dow: Planning for Intensification on Toronto’s Transit-adjacent Employment Lands

Laura Dumbrell: Prefab Possibility: Planning for Factory-Built Affordable Housing in Vancouver and Toronto

Junyi Fan: Bridging the Gap – Exploring the Potential to Use Automated Shuttles to Fill Toronto’s Public Transit Gap

Ellen Ferris: Guardians of Green Infrastructure: Understanding how household values and environmental organizations influence residential outdoor space

Sean Grant: Making Space for the Middle: Municipal Finance & Mid-Range Rental Development in Toronto

Aisha Jallow: All hands on-deck, all eyes watching: An Analysis of The King Street Pilot & Bloor Bike Lanes

Gemma Johnson: Walking while ageing – Improving walking environments for older pedestrians in Toronto’s inner suburbs

Kevin Kapenda: Addressing demand for culturally-relevant sports facilities in Toronto: Community-led procurement and perspectives from municipal recreation plans

Kenny Lamizana: Millennials’ lived-experiences in Toronto’s Rental Market

Hubert Lee: From OMB to LPAT: Evaluating the Changes to the Planning Appeals Process in Ontario

Alexander LeFort: An Assessment of North American Vehicle-for-Hire Bylaws – Lessons for Toronto

Helen Loghrin: Who is #Cycling? Bike Share Toronto’s Portrayal of Gender, Race, and Ability on Social Media

Anson Ma: Safety Among Stakeholders: An Interview-Based Approach to Explaining the City of Toronto Vision Zero Road Safety Plan

Zoe Marshall: The Spaces in Between: How Baltimore’s Green Network Plan Fills in Physical and Social Gaps Through Ecological Design

Anamarie Martins: Who’s redesigning the local neighbourhood park? A critical view of the public consultation process in park planning in the City of Toronto

Rebecca Nelson: Mitigating Transit-Induced Residential Displacement Through Section 37

Charlaine Pereira: Fatal Attraction Assessing Bird-Window Collisions on Campus through an Urban Design and Landscape Evaluation

Steven Pham: A Community-Driven Approach to Suburban Retrofitting – Visions, Desires, and Changes for Mississauga Neighbourhoods

Yoko Pye: The Lived Experience of Women and Minorities at the Forefront of Transit Planning

Simmy Saini: Policy for Packaging Waste: The Transitioning Roles of Municipalities

Igor Samardzic: Incomplete Streets: Starting with Accessibility

Jacob Woeller: Housing the Dispossessed. An Examination of the Challenges of Siting Homeless Shelters in the City of Toronto

2017 – 2018


Adwoa Afful: ”Planning from the Margins”: Black organizing in the GTA and New Frameworks for Collaborative Planning

Tolulope Alabi: Tackling the challenges faced by Toronto’s Committees of Adjustment: Present and future recommendations

Abbas Ali: When Shovels Hit the Ground: An Examination of Public and Stakeholder Engagement Processes during the Construction of Transportation Infrastructure Projects in Ontario

Alison Blagden: Regulating Payday Lenders – Policy Options for Toronto

Timothy Bristow: A Matter of Taste – Hipster Aesthetics and the Symbolic Dimensions of Gentrification

Adriana Chang: Cracks in the Foundation: The under representation of women in senior leadership positions within the Canadian infrastructure industry

Tammy Chou: Achieving Walkability in (Sub)urban growth centres: An analysis of Downtown Mississauga, Markham Centre, Etobicoke City Centre and North York Centre

Adam Didycz: Urban Redevelopment and Food Security: A Case Study of Regent Park, Toronto

Leah Forte: Green Development Standards: A Review of Implementation Challenges in the Greater Toronto Area

Madeleine Hicks: Sexism at Work: Deconstructing the Male-Dominance of Infrastructure

Hiba Hussain: The 21 Mile Walk: An Analysis of Regional Transit in Southeast Michigan

Robert Keel: Built Form, Urban Spatial Structure, and Office Commuting Patterns in the GTHA

Sharon Lam: Climate Change Preparedness Assessment Framework for Critical Infrastructure

Desiree Liu: Walking in the Age of Autonomous Vehicles

Nadjie (Daniel) Magsumbol: A Room of Her Own: Racialized and Gendered Violence Experienced by Live-In Migrant Workers in Private Homes

Keir Matthews-Hunter: The Macro Determinants and Geography of Household Formation Among Young Adults in Canadian Cities

Hannah Miller: Citizens of Today: Deepening Child Engagement Practices in Toronto

Izabela Molendowski: Evaluating the Effects of Rapid Population Growth on Pedestrian Infrastructure: A case study of Toronto’s Humber Bay Shores Community

Natasha Petzold: Cold Weather, Warmer Memories: A Community Guide to Winter Programming in Toronto’s Parks

Rebecca Roach: Exploring Monitoring in Practice: A Review of Community Improvement Plan Monitoring in the GTHA

Clara Shipman: Building in Common: (Re)Integrating Social Services and Community Spaces in Church Redevelopment Projects 

Anna Shortly: Consuming the city: Making Space for foraging in Toronto’s Parks

Arno Van Dijk: The Role of the Planner in the Age of Social Media

Haydi Wong: Exploring the Effects of Travel Behaviour on Self-Rated Stress and Self-Rated Health in Canadian Urban Areas

2016 – 2017


Haein (Lauren) An: Privately Owned Publicly-Accessible Spaces: a win-win solution for the future of urban public realm?

Ira Banks: Mind the Gap: Exploring Why TTC Ridership Numbers Are Not Meeting Expectations

Anni-Claudine Buelles: Land Use Compatibility: An analysis of Industrial Land Use in the Context of a Mixed Use Growth Agenda 

Stuard Burkimsher: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Rooming House Policy Options for Toronto’s Inner-Suburbs

Keegan Butler: Aging in place with no place to call home: Seniors’ eviction in Toronto’s private rental market and lessons from Quebec

Kelsey Carriere: Backyards, Way Forward: Assessing the potential for detached secondary suites in Toronto

Stephanie Cirnu: Planning Accessible Communities: Lessons Learned from the Pan Am Athletes’ Village, Toronto

Aviva Coopersmith: ”You can’t squeeze blood from a stone”: Rooming houses and the ongoing gentrification of South Parkdale

Eric Forhan: Facilitating Developer-Supported Urban Agriculture (UA) in Toronto: Lessons learned from local developers and planning interventions in Vancouver

Alexandra Fortune-Rusynyk: Accessorizing Backyards: the Regulation and Impact of Detached Accessory Dwelling Units

Michael Hoelscher: The Frontiers of Social Procurement: Actor Risk Perception and Mitigation in the city of Toronto Social Procurement Program

Michelle Kearns: Active Transportation in Southwest Scarborough: Perceptions of Safety and Normative Suburbanism

Ameena Khan: The Misuse of Mixed Use: Employment Lands Retention Strategies

Jonathan Kitchen: Expanding the Niagara Escarpment Plan in Meaford, Ontario: Implications of regional landscape plans on smaller rural municipalities

Asqa Malik: The Politics of Evidence and Decision-Making on Large Transportation Infrastructure project in Toronto

Maria Martelo Mesa: Cycling Interventions in Practice: The Case of Newcomer Cyclists

Mana Masoudi: Toronto’s Mid-rise Design Guidelines: Effectiveness, usage and possible adaption for deep lots

Hannah Nogiec: Don’t Grow Old: Mobility Challenges and Opportunities for an Aging Population in Erin Mills, Mississauga 

Brandon Paniccia: Working Towards Greater Artist Diversity in Toronto’s Art and Public Monuments Collection

Noha Refaat: Egypt’s New Urban Communities: Inclusive or Exclusive?

Haya Rizvi: Walkability in the (Sub)Urban Growth Centres: An analysis of streets in Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York & Markham

Nathan Stewart: The Uneven Geographies of Entitlements and Climate Change Vulnerability in the Slum Communities of Khon Kaen, Thailand

Emily Trainor: Re-purposing the Right-of-Way: An Implementation Toolkit for Canadian Municipalities

Holly Wacker: Treading Water: Toronto’s Basement Flooding Protection Subsidy Program

Andrew Walker: An Armistice in the War on Graffiti: Toronto’s Street Art Policy and Engaging Artists in the Construction of Public Space

Louise Willard: Exploring the Role of Urban Municipal Governments in Broadband Planning

Jennifer Williamson: Climate of Change: Evaluating the Impact of the Toronto Green Standard

2015 – 2016


Jonathan Bamforth: Impacts of Financial Policies and Practices in a High-Growth Municipality

Corey Bialek: The right to stay put? Investigating the zero displacement policy in Alexandra Park

Kevin Chan: Latent Demand for Cycling-Transit Integration at GO Train Stations in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

Natalie Corbo: Planning for Equity in Transit-Adjacent Commercial Areas

Lillian D'Souza: Revitalizing Commercial Retail on Main Streets: Best Practices and Lessons Learned from Canadian and American Cases

Adam Garcia: The Interaction of Heritage Preservation and Affordable Housing in Toronto

Maria Grandez: Accessibility Benefits of the New LRT and Subway Transit Stations in the GTHA

Matthew Hilder: Balancing the conversation: Towards more meaningful public participation in Toronto’s development review process

Giulia Ilacqua:  Lights, Camera, Action: Toronto’s Studio District as a Catalyst for Economic Development

Jessica Krushnisky: Unlocking density: Examining the implementation of second unit policies in Ontario

Emily Macrae: Apartment Tower Renewal in Toronto: What motivates private sector participation

Stephanie Malcher: Chasing Equity: Investigating the Potential of Homeownership for Toronto’s Low-Income Households

Alex Marques: Fasten Your Greenbelts: Transportation Infrastructure Development in Ontario’s Protected Countryside

Meaghan Maund: Planning Beyond the Boundary: Strategies for Managing Rouge National Urban Park in an Evolving Urban Environment

Angus McNeill-Knowles: Regeneration in Toronto: Guiding redevelopment along the Dupont Street corridor

Rishab Mehan: New High-Rise Family Housing: Directions, Choices, and Preferences for Toronto’s Market and Policies

Anna Melikian: Exploring Tools for Parkland Planning and Dedication in Mississauga, Brampton and Markham

Carli Melo: Enclaves of Capital in Myanmar: Urbanization and the Dawei Special Economic Zone

Amina Menkad: Space Reserved… Access Denied A Study of Toronto’s Non-Compliant Designated Accessible Parking

Lia Milito: Contextualizing the Role of Open Data in Facilitating Civic Participation: Strategic and Operational Lessons Learned in Toronto, Ontario

Nadine Oliver: Marx to Market: Urban Form and Governance in Post-Communist Bucharest, Romania

Nicole Percival: This is Grizzly country! Making space for large scale ecological corridors for wildlife movement in Alberta’s regional planning process

Andrew Picard: A new road order? Cycle space in Berlin, Munster, and Toronto

Tara-Lyn Prindiville: Homelessness Reforms in Ontario: Strengths & Weaknesses of a Paradigm Shift Towards Prevention

Shareefah Rene: Evaluating unplanned development strategies in Saint Lucia: a critical analysis of policy and planning

Carolina Santos De Rio: Walking towards the next wall: the impact of gated communities on active transportation in Monterrey, Mexico

Mercedes Sharpe Zayas: Equity in the Time of Precarity: Inclusive Local Economy Projects in Toronto’s Neighbourhood Improvement Areas

Farad Wahab: Understanding and Analyzing the Potential Conflicts Between Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Motorists on Waterfront Toronto’s Newly Revitalized Queens Quay Boulevard

Frances Woo: Beyond the Building Code: Barriers and opportunities for Ontario municipalities to achieve more accessible housing

Stanley Woo: Transit fare equity: Assessing social equity impacts of distance-based fare policies in Toronto, Canada

2014 – 2015


Tamara Augsten: Pedaling Toward Equity in Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis: Incorporating social equity into bicycle planning and policy

Meghan Babin: Emergency Response Planning and Social Vulnerability within the City of Toronto: An Analysis of the 2013 Ice Storm on the Kingston-Galloway Orton Park Neighbourhood

Monica Bennington: Municipal social planning inclusion for (im)migrant populations: A case study of Live-in Caregiver exclusion from social services

Allan Bonner: Why is Toronto’s SkyDome where it is?

Nicholas Cascone: Trashing the Trend: Assessing the Current State and Prospective Solutions for Multi-Residential Waste Diversion in Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan

Sarah Chu: Life After School: Repurposing Toronto’s surplus schools as community assets

Judy Farvolden: Unlocking the Economic Potential of the GTA University

Chris Hillbrecht: We the North? Planning Toronto as a Winter City

Michael Himmel: Evolutionary to Revolutionary: Understanding Innovation in Infrastructure Projects through Public-Private Partnerships

Sean House: Gaining Traction: Rural Transit in Haldimand and Norfolk

Tyler Hughes: Accommodating Faith in the City: An Analysis of Place of Worship Planning in the GTA

Anna Kalnina: Pre-Application Consultation: A Planning Tool for an Efficient and Transparent Planning Practice

Matthew Kelling: Towards Inclusive Neighbourhood Change: The Feasibility of a Holistic Community Land Trust in Parkdale, Toronto

John Kemp: Inclusive Plans and Necessary Practices: The Provision and Maintenance of Affordable Housing Near Rapid Transit in Vancouver and Ottawa

Robin Lattimer: Community Matters: Maximizing the Role of Local Governments in British Columbia’s Environmental Assessment Process

Rebecca Lau: Challenges and opportunities for reinvesting into Toronto’s office parks

Mieka Lewis: Optimizing Space Utilization in Higher Education A Study for the University of Toronto Scarborough

Alexandra Lockhart: A Study of Backyard Chickens By-laws

Kyle Miller: Analyzing Two Wastewater Project Procurement Processes in East-coast Canada

Brenton Nader: Privately Owned Public Spaces in Toronto and the Struggle for the Soul of Humanity

Kara Naklicki: In Search of Predictability: Evaluating Toronto’s Development Permit System

Sophie Plottel: Making the Switch to Local Energy: The Case of District Energy Planning and Governance in Southeast False Creek, Vancouver

Anna Procopio: The Challenge of ‘Reno-viction’ in Preserving Toronto’s Privately Owned Affordable Rental Housing Stock

Carolyn Rowan: Planning (Band) Aid, The Planner, The public Interest, and Their Discontents

Jason Rust: Skewed Up Statistics: What has the National Household Survey meant for municipal planning?

Heather Sewell: Moving Forward with Seniors Cohousing

Dessislava Simova: A Risky or Rewarding Cure for Public Infrastructure Development? A Study of Risk Transfer in a Long-term Public-Private Partnership Hospital in Ontario

Kerry Thompson: Contested Ground: Provincial Policy and Local Land Use Planning for Sea-level Rise in British Columbia

Steven Torkos: Moving Forward: Improving Senior Mobility in Scarborough

Thi Nhu Sha Vu: Implementing the Hanoi Master Plan: Overcoming difficulties with water supply in the capital

Anna Wynveen: Beautiful day in the neighbourhood? Unpacking the complexities of residents’ associations and their role in the planning process

2013 – 2014


David Biggar: Planning for energy: Assessing alternative methods for linking energy to municipal planning in Ontario

Hugo Bonilla: Organizing project-induced rapid growth in isolated rural regions to prevent boom-bust cycles: The role of regional planning

Sarah Bradley: Beyond bike lanes: How Ottawa and Toronto`s community organizations are filling the infrastructure gap

Daniel Brown: Crowd (re)sourcing urbanism

Lisa Drury: Evaluating the effects of prolonged transit strikes on transit-captive populations

Basma Gaber: Recommendations for urban climate adaptation in Cairo, Egypt

Geoffrey Gibson: Growing mid-rise: Evaluating the potential for taller wood frame buildings

Aidan Grove-White: Examining the role of development charges in shaping new communities

Hao Wen Huang: Beyond the boundary: Examining cross-municipal planning at Yonge-Steeles

Sarah Hubbs: Gentrification and non-profit social service delivery in Toronto’s west end

Noreen Khimani: Inner-suburban accessibility: Examining lifestyle and travel patterns of residents in Flemingdon Park, Toronto

Allison Lebow: Access denied in a “Sanctuary City”: Undocumented immigrants and subsidized housing policies in Toronto

Isabel Luciano: Decline of open public space in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Mathieu Maslard: Making space for culture: Lessons from the redevelopment of the West Queen West Triangle

Michael Matthys: Planning in the Public Interest: The Ontario Municipal Board and the hierarchy of planning in Ontario

Grant McLean: The “Kensington Walmart” development: A big box store in the “compact city”?

Joseph Milos: DARP or DON’T: Exploring the Toronto development industry’s approach to stakeholder management for site-specific approvals

Alexa Minichiello: Power, planning and participation: Approaches to consultation for the siting of harm reduction facilities

Garrett Morgan: Missing the Rocket: A study of accessibility of Toronto’s subway system for users with mobility impairments

Jacob Nigro: Assessing and Improving walkability conditions in suburban GO Transit station areas

Seana Richardson: Aggregate recycling in Ontario: Challenges and opportunities

Evan Roberts: Opportunities & Challenges for Bicycle Boulevards in Toronto: Lessons from Vancouver & Portland

Jessica Schmidt: How strong can place-based action render neighbourhoods?

Alexandra Tranmer: Contradictions in the creative city: A case study of Berlin, Germany

Sara Udow: Identifying the ‘hot’ and ‘cool’ spots: New approaches to participatory processes in Toronto

Mirej Vasic: The role of transportation accessibility on immigrant integration: A case study of Serbian immigrant women in Toronto

Katherine Wittmann: The Bike to School Project: Evaluating and tailoring cycling initiatives for high schools in Toronto

Seth Wright: GHG Mitigation in Canadian Cities: A Case Study Analysis of Three Canadian Cities

2012 – 2013


Shirin Barol: Exploring Partnership in Urban Development Practice: An analysis of TIFF Bell Lightbox project

Amy Bath: Narrow conditions: Considering residential laneway development as a densification initiative in Toronto

Melissa Routley (Bebee): What Does the Junction Flea Mean for the Junction? A Case Study of a Neighbourhood Market

Michelle Berquist: Stormwater Infrastructure on Private Land: Accountability through Accounting Lessons learned form the development of stormwater credit programs in three Ontario municipalities

Alyssa Bird: Defining Placemaking Practice and the Perceptions about its Influence on Community Health

Emma Cohlmeyer: Re-imagining Vacant Storefronts: Exploring New Models for the Temporary Use of Space in Seattle, New York, Newcastle and Toronto

Sarah Corey: Enabling Urban Agriculture in Toronto: diverse farming systems as thriving businesses and compatible land uses

Michael Dean: Measuring the success of Stream Restoration Projects: an evaluation of five Ontario Conservation Authorities

Catherine Denson: Co-Financing Television Dramatic Series in Toronto:  The Role of Policy

Lauren English: A Rise in Midrise? Evaluating the reality and goals of Toronto’s Avenues and Midrise Buildings Study

Brent Fairbairn: Street Food: Not Just for Hipsters

Daniel Girard: Non-Strategic Assets’ or ‘Putting People First’:The Social Implications of Selling Toronto Community Housing’s Scattered-Site Standalone Homes

Brendan Heath: Green Space, Community Gardens and the Regent Park Revitalization

Zubaira Hussaini: From Principle to Practice: A look at Part II Orders in the Environmental Assessment Process

Stephanie Ireland: Arts & Culture Festivals as a Tool for Community and Cultural Development: The Case of GlobalFest in Calgary

Sheraz Khan: A Case Study in Planning and Digital Media: Exploring the use and development of web maps in the city of Toronto

Jeremy Korn: Reducing Stigma Through Built-Form Interventions: The Case of CAMH

Natalie Langlois: Open Data: Bridging the gap between government open data and community data needs

Robert Law: Eco-innovation Clusters: Benefits and Best Practice

Sean Lee: The Influence of Bus Rapid Transit on Development Decisions in York Region, Ontario

Sean Lemon: An Evaluation of Ontario’s Global Adjustment Mechanism (GAM): Evidence from 2011-12

Wang (Edwin) Li: Creating the Right Tool: Walk the Walk – Assessing walkability in mobility hubs and GO station areas in the GTHA in the context of walking as a higher-order transit access sub-mode

Sean Major: Homeownership and Alternatives in Revitalizing Neighbourhoods

Joshua Mitchell: The Socio-economic implications of tourism in Harlem

Darren O'Donnell: Performing Young Enterprise – the youth arts landscape, Toronto Canada

Brittany O'Hagan: Creativity in Placemaking: Inspiration from the Regent Park Revitalization and the Daniels Spectrum

Harleen Panesar: First Nations Communities & Source Water Protection Planning in Ontario

Katie Plaizier: Neighbourhood Responses to the Use of Motels as Shelters: The Scarborough Experience

Dan Sandlink: Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Mitigation in Ontario Municipalities: Challenges and Opportunities

Megumi Sato: Increasing corporate sustainability reports in the Canadian oil and gas industry

Yiru Sun: Towards Market-based Solutions for Improving the Energy Efficiency in Toronto’s Building Sector

JieLan Xu: New Urbanist Development Pattern of Suburban Neighborhoods: A Case Study in the Greater Toronto Area

2011 – 2012


Sumeet Ahluwalia: Are We Ready to Evacuate? Planning for the Evacuation of Vulnerable Populations in Toronto

Habon Ali: Housing Legacies of the 2015 Pan-American Games: A Case of the West Don Lands Athletes’ Village

Michael Backs: Laying the framework for Transit-Oriented Development along Ottawa’s East-West Light Rail Corridor

Bonnie Bartlett: Revealing the Hidden Harvest: Prospects and Challenges for Urban Fruit Tree Projects

Thomas Beck: Planning Approaches for a Family-Friendly Central Edmonton

Nita Choonsingh: Land Expropriation in Ontario: Obstacles and Opportunities for Improvement

Tony De Franco: Tall Towers in Toronto: An Evaluation of the City’s Tall Building Design Guidelines

Douglas Duckworth: Garages Facing Other Garages: Downtown Revitalization and Automobile Parking in St. Louis City

Lori Flowers: The Influence of Parents’ Perceptions of the Built Environment on School Transportation Mode Decisions

Jake Garrett: The Adaptable Park: How New York, San Francisco and Vancouver are Creating New Models for Urban Open Space

Anna Ianucci: Developing Complete Communities in the Suburbs: The Role of Retail

Charissa Jattan (Iogna): Mobility in the Flemingdon Park Area: Issues of Implementation

Inger Jenset: Section 37 – Adrift in a Sea of Politics and Uncertainty

Yi Luo: Partnering for Mobility: Partnership to Support the Creation of Mobility Hubs

Graham Macdonald: Mobilities of Creativity-Led Development: The Introduction of a Creative Economy in Tanna

Mercedeh Madani: What Happens Next? The Expiry of Agreements in the Co-operative Housing Sector

Maria McGibbon: The Archetype Houses: Unaffordably Green?

Dukhee Nam: Building Communities to Live and Work: Evaluating Balance and Self-Containment in New Towns, Seoul Metropolitan Area

Shagufta Pasta: Faith in the City: Deconstructing the Ideologies that Underpin Mosque “Conflicts"

Narmadha Rajakumar: Secondary Suites as Affordable Housing in the Region of Peel

Heather Sinclair: Making Ontario’s Transit Systems Accessible: The Development and Implementation Challenges of the Transportation Standard of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation

Jennifer St Paul Butler: Corporate Social Responsibility Certification in Exploration: A Way Forward for PDAC’s e3 Plus Program

Carla Tsang: A Planning Headache or Private Woe? The Legal Issues and Redevelopment Potential of Toronto’s Unclaimed Laneways

Emily Wall: Shopping in the Suburbs: Retail and Mixed-Use Intensification in Suburban Centres in the Greater Toronto Area

2010 – 2011


Jesse Ajayi: Waste Management in Indonesia: Integrating the Informal Sector

Aderonke Akande: Creating Sustainable Communities: A Role for Community Energy Systems in Planning

Mia Baumeister: Development Charges across Canada: Can they promote sustainability?

Pauline Beaupre: Deconstructing Climate Change Policy through the Decomposition of Waste

Ann-Marie Cashin: Lessons in inclusionary housing for St. John’s, Newfoundland

Emma Chadwick: The ‘school within a school’: Alternative public schools and choice in Toronto

Ian Clark: Waiting for a Bus: Transportation Challenges for Low-Income Transit Riders in Suburban Toronto

Samantha Coutu: Walking to the Mall: A Review of Transportation Challenges for New Immigrant Populations in Suburbia

Kimberly Dandy: Ottawa’s Green Bins at Schools Program

Jonathan Friedman: Delivering Urban Transit Infrastructure through Public-Private Partnerships: The Importance of Demand Risk

Daniel Fusca: Buildings for People: Evaluating Tall Building Design in Toronto from the Perspective of Walkability

Brendon Goodmurphy: Neighbourhood Revitalization and the Politics of Aesthetics in Toronto

Erin Gullikson: Bringing New Meaning to Religious Conversion: Residential Adaptive Reuse of Churches in Toronto

Gabrielle Hardy: The Streets to Homes Program and Client Food Security: Examining Barriers and Opportunities

Shelia Htoo: Improving the Planning Process through Community-Based Research

Aubrey Iwaniw: Beyond the Tap: Groundwater Planning Issues in Southern Ontario

Kristine Janzen: Preserving Scadding Cabin and Fort Rouillé: A Cultural Heritage Landscape

Kunitomo Kamizaki: From Everyday Struggles to Broader Anti-Poverty Organizing: Lessons from Community Practices in Toronto

Raili Lakanen: Sustainability Planning and Social Capital: The role of partner organizations in the EarthCare Sudbury Action Plan

Chloe Richer: Community-Driven Planning in Mimico: An Alternative Response to Revitalization

Brendan Salakoh: Achieving Complete Communities: Implementing Winnipeg’s Urban Intensification Strategy

Robyn Shyllit: Seeing Beyond the Rocks, Water & Trees: A Creative Economy in Muskoka, Ontario

Michael Thorpe: Evaluation of Environmental Governance in the Region of Durham

Aadila Valiallah: A Case Study of the Roncesvalles Village BIA and neighbourhood collaboration in the Streetscape Renewal

Lucas VanMeet-Mass: The Art Gallery of Ontario & the Grange Park Neighbourhood

Michael Vidoni: Community Composting in Toronto: Closing the Food Waste Loop

Kimberly Wilmot: Can alternative loans help meet the needs of poor Jamaicans?

Jessica Wu: Partners for Change: Exploring Public Health & Planning Efforts to Promote Walkable Communities in Halton Region

2009 – 2010


Dema Ali: Greening Development Applications.  An Investigation of Third-Party Evaluation Systems for Municipal Green Development Strategies

Maryann Alisch: The Dilemmas of Planning in the Presence of Decline: Examining Planning and Economic Development Responses to No-Growth in Northern Ontario

Matt Armstrong: An evidence-based approach to design: Improving Beasley Park

Asya Bidordinova: Utilitarian Cycling in Downtown Toronto: Motivators and Barriers.  A University of Toronto St. George Campus Case Study

Craig Cal: “Real” Real Estate Development: How Can I Build a Community Land Trust & Create Affordable Homeownership Opportunities in Toronto? A Case Study Analysis

Stefan Cermak: Greener Roads for Toronto

Ada Chan: Welcoming Newcomers to Neighbourhoods: A Strategy for Neighbourhood Houses in B.C.

Roger da Cunha: A preliminary decision support framework for ranking Brownfield Redevelopment Alternatives

Naeem Farooqi: How are Value For Money documents used by various senior stakeholders to make informed decisions in the Public Private Partnership Process in Ontario?

Andrea M. Garcia: Pushing the Pedals: An Evaluation of the Docking Station Network for Toronto’s Public Bicycle System

Sharon Hong: Historic Preservation Planning and Minority Narratives

Erika Solvieg Jerme: Growing a Just Garden.  Environmental Justice and the Development of a Community Garden Policy for Hamilton, Ontario

Paul Johnson: Calgary’s East Village Redevelopment: How policies encouraging social mix are unfolding and suggestions to help integrate existing low-income residents in socially mixed redevelopments

Meghan Joy: Incorporating Residents into a Place-based Approach to Poverty Reduction.  A Case Study of the United Way Toronto’s Action for Neighbourhood Change

Carla Klassen: Community Development in Hamilton’s Neighbourhood Hubs

Helen Looker: Greener Pastures: Retirement planning in smaller Ontario communities

Kyra Lubell: Alleys and Art: An Opportunity for Placemaking

Carol Lue: The Role of Ecosystem Services Markets in Caribbean Tourism Planning: An Assessment based on the Global Carbon Market and Jamaica

Julie Mah: The feasibility of inclusionary housing in Toronto

Jessica Nelligan: A Creative Conundrum or a Planning Pickle? Contextualizing changes in the Neighbourhood on Taikang Road, Shanghai

Emanuel Nicolescu: Road Space Reallocation: Impacts on Business

Grace Nzainga: Challenges in Land-Use Planning for Peri-Urban Regions: A Case Study of Mavoko Municipality, Kenya

Bryan Howard Sherwood: Local Displacement: A Study of the Sense of Place Impacts on Relocated Regent Park Tenants

Tammara Soma: The Missing Link? The Role of a Food Systems Planner

Kirsten Stein: Warehouses of Worship: Religious Institutions in Toronto’s Industrial Districts

Nicholas Thompson: In What Style Shall We Interpret? Currents in Toronto Heritage Planning 

Brian Vandervecht: Transforming Enclosed Community Malls into Mixed-Use Centres in Toronto’s Inner Suburbs

Cassandra Vink: A Case for Tax Reforms to Rental Housing 

Anna Wong: Stepping Down Arnstein’s Ladder: Consumer Participation in the Homelessness Partnering Strategy

2008 – 2009


Kristin Anderson: Planning for Ramai: An Evaluation of Public Space for Youth

Edward Birnbaum: Tower Renewal & Community Economic Development

Shawn Chow: The Sheppard Subway, If you build it, will they come?

Dan Cohen: The Medium is the Message: Policy Transfer, Bandung, and the Implications for Urban Policy Making

Martin Andrew Danyluk: Cultivating Potential: Planning for Urban Agriculture in Toronto’s Hydro Corridors

Erica Victoria Duque: Utilitarian Cycling and Systemic Racism in Toronto

Brian Anthony Greguol: Building Community and Participation on Computer Campuses

Stephanie Gris: Gentrification and School Selection in Southwest-Central Toronto

Melissa Harris: Going Grey in Mississauga – Evaluating the Older Adult Plan using Quality of Life as a Measure of Success

Myoungeun Angela Jang: Toronto’s Little Italy and Urban Ethnic Landscape

Susan Kelleher: The Community Food Animators Project: An Evaluation of the Role of the Food Animator

Suzan Krepostman: Beyond Boundaries – Evaluating the current state of cross-boundary specialized transit for persons with disabilities in the GTHA

Joyce Lok-Sze Kwong: Housing Dynamics of an Aging Population: Residential Preferences of the Aging Baby Boomers and Implications for the Greater Toronto Area

Cherryl Lam: Rethinking Chinatown as a Space for Youth: Planning for Future Generations

Katrine Margaret Mazer: “It’s changed a hell of a lot”/ “It’ll never change”: The social space of gentrification in Parkdale, Toronto

Mark McConville: Feasibility of Offshore Wind Farms in Lakes Ontario & Erie: Potential Power Sources for Ontario

Erathnie Mendis: Rapunzel in the Tower? Mobility of Low-Income Women in Toronto’s Inner-Ring Suburban Apartments

Francisco Obando: A Valuable Lesson in Sharing Power: Meaningfully Including Youth in Planning – A Dorset Park Case Study

Michael John Pyl: Right sizing a shrinking city – Land use strategies from Youngstown, OH

Chris Sidlar: Evaluating Public Involvement in the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Process

Jennifer Anne Simons: Bachelorette Apartments in Parkdale: Evaluation of the Parkdale Pilot Project

Morgan Lee Skowronski: Community Engagement & Capacity Building in Contested Public Spaces.  A Case Study of the Crothers’ Woods Trail Management Strategy

Malick Naseem Sohrab: Understanding how Land Use Indicators are reported: An analysis of existing reporting practices

Auvniet Kaur Tehara: Approaches to People of Colour and Food Bank Use in the City of Toronto, Peel region and York University

Liviu D Timotin: Building Greener and Healthier Neighbourhoods – Evaluating the LEED-ND Pilot Project

Vrinda Vaidyanathan: Can Money Grow on Trees? Implementing Carbon Credit Programs for Tree-Planting

Anthio Yuen: Municipal Finance Tools and Metropolitan Growth: Exploring Issues, Barriers and Opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area

2007 – 2008


Graham Bailey: Using tax increment financing for brownfields redevelopment in Ontario

Gudrin Bildfell: A sustainable buildings agenda: Promoting green building development in the City of Toronto

Michelle Drylie: Reading Istanbul through the sign: Selective borrowing, neighbourhood identity, and the implications of EU membership for planning in Istanbul, Turkey

Paul Farish: Planning for temporary migrant residents: The Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program, social outcomes and community responses

Karen Fong: Overcoming structural racial discrimination: An analysis of the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council’s approach to improving skilled immigrant labour market integration

Tamar Fuhrer: Whose right of way is it anyway? Understanding pedestrian crossover use and barriers in the City of Toronto

Katherine Hatoum: Intensification and the Growth Plan: The untapped potential of brownfields

Ricky Hernden: Introducing cool pavement in Toronto: Calculating potential reductions in air temperature and developing an implementation strategy

Mia Hunt: A “vision” of (integrated) health: Reimaging the space of CAMH

Vincent Luk: Attitudes to density and housing choices among Hong Kong Chinese immigrants

Malena Mendez: Local production of ethnic food: Is it a viable alternative to strengthen the connection between farmers and food processors?

Shima Mirkarimi: Urban open spaces in North York

Katherine Mitchell: White or green? Identifying a natural heritage system within the White Belt

Adam Molson: Building the better life: An analysis of Shanghai’s transition to a high-rise city

Jana Neumann: Shifting gears or stalling? An analysis of bike lane planning and building in Toronto

Daniel Nicholson: Suburban revitalization and the redevelopment of Toronto Community Housing Corporation lands

Michael Noble: Lovely spaces in unknown places: Creative city building in Toronto’s inner suburbs

Abril Novoa: Sustainable tourism and historic preservation: A case study of Cuernavaca, Mexico

Lauren Palombo: Tightening the belt: Challenges in implementing southern Ontario’s Greenbelt

Scott Pennington: MaRS effect (Phase One): Early evidence of an institution’s impact on commercialization in the Toronto Region

Andre Robichaud: Urban mining: An exploration of the challenges of mineral extraction taking place in or near the urban environment

David Wachsmuth: From abandonment to affordable housing: Policy options for addressing Toronto’s abandonment issues

William Wallace: Development permit systems in Ontario: Case study of Old Lakeshore Road precinct in Burlington

2006 – 2007


Andrew Au: TTC transit funding strategies: Capturing the value of transit-oriented development

Martine August: Is social mix socially beneficial? Evaluating the philosophy of social mix in Toronto’s public housing redevelopments

Miriam Barna: Bridging divides: An examination of the 1998 Parkdale conflict resolution process

Carly Bowman: Hope for Toronto’s Avenues: What City of Toronto planners and policy-makers can do to make the Avenues policies more effective, efficient, consistent and accountable

Suzanne Brooks: Community gardening to benefit the marginally housed and homeless: A fresh ideas for faith institutions

Amy Cervenan: Toronto’s Capital of Culture campaign: A program evaluation of Live with Culture

Arnold Chan: Preserving Toronto’s employment lands: Establishing planning criteria for individual site assessment

Rebecca Crump: Hart House Farm wind power pre-feasibility study

Heather Dorries: As of right? Planning with land claims in Ontario

Jordan Harrison: Connecting the drops: The potential for energy conservation in Ontario’s municipal water sector

Sabrina Lau: Towards inclusive public transport: Immigrant mother and their daily mobility

Orly Linovski: Beyond aesthetics: The value of strip malls

Valeria Maurizia: Something to chew on: Issues in food security in urban neighbourhoods

David McKay: Redeveloping greyfields in the Greater Toronto Area

Danielle Murray: Community solar energy initiatives in Toronto: Potential for city involvement

Tomomi Ohashi: Community involvement in redeveloping inner-city Tokyo: Myth or reality?

Amanda O'Rourke: Planning for the urban forest in urbanizing landscapes: Lessons from three Ontario case studies

Lee Owens: The uses, abuses and unintended consequences of Section 37 of the Planning Act: How to move forward 

Dylan Passmore: The missing leg: The experience of walking to public transit in Sao Paulo

Keith Potter: A room of her own: The costs and benefits of providing long-term supportive housing to women at risk in Toronto

Rachelle Ricotta: Challenges to meaningfully engaging youth: An exploration of the Toronto Youth Cabinet

Leigh Snyder: Public space planning in the Greater Toronto Area: Goals, processes and outcomes

Devyani Sztabinski: Out of the car and into a healthier lifestyle: A provincial role in promoting municipal investment in active transportation infrastructure

Daniela Tennina: Civic engagement through civic awareness: Using the city to link classroom and community

Shuchita Ukidave: What are the impacts of opening zoning on the built form of the King-Spadina Reinvestment Area?

2005 – 2006


Eric Allen: Adapt and Renew: Urban Design Approaches to Conserving Toronto’s Social Housing

Kirk Biggar: Greener on the Other Side? Alternative Planning for Employment Lands in an Emerging Policy Framework

Scott Birchall: Accessory Dwelling Units and the Construction of a Policy Framework

Lesley Collins: The Future of the Recent Past? Planning for Modern Heritage in Ontario 

Kristina La Fleur: Rebuilding a Foundation: Examining Redevelopment in Regent Park

Michael Loberto: Evaluating Employment Lands in the City of Toronto

Julie McGuire: Evaluating Employment Lands in the City of Toronto

Susan Mintz: Making What Matters Happen: Organizational Needs Assessment of Toronto’s Urban Health Nonprofit Community

Radha Rajagopalan: Strategizing for the Future: Policy Perspectives on Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in Municipal Waters

Dana Ross: Improving Toronto’s Planning Process: Balancing Supportive Housing with Civic Engagement

Lake Sagaris: Integrating Bicycle Commutes into City Transit Networks (Buses, Metro and Trains) in Santiago, Chile

Stephanie Wall: University-Community Partnerships: Homeownership as a Method of Neighbourhood Revitalization

David White: Urban Design Review in Toronto: Exploring Misconceptions and Unpacking Potential

Jessica Wilczak: Negotiating a place in the hierarchy: strategy and scale in China’s urban districts

Annely Zonena: A New Approach to Brownfield Incentive Programs: Planning for Residential Development in Changing Markets

2004 – 2005


Ryan Austin: Building Around Transit in the Restructuring Metropolis: Issues and Policy Options for the Warden Corridor Redevelopment

Uttara Chauhan: Community Planning as Citizenship Learning: Towards a New Unit for the Ontario Grade 10 Civics Curriculum

Sirine El Kalache: Commercial Activity in Informal Settlements of Beirut: Informality, Micro-Entrepreneurship and Coping Strategies

Limin Fang: Planning for Kensington Pedestrian Sundays in 2005

Felix Fung: Planning Urban Parks for a Multicultural Population: Strategies and Implications for the Town of Richmond Hill

Erik Hunter: Social Spaces: Community Oriented Spaces in Government Assisted Housing

Tom Janzen: Adapting to the New Environment: The Interface Between Municipal Affordable Housing Strategies and the Non-Profit Housing Sector in Canada

Abbie Kar: Laneway Studies in Cornell, Markham

Abigail Moriah: Making it Happen: Successes in Employment Revitalization

Kate Parizeau: Community Based Waste Management: A Feasibility Study for a Pilot Project in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Carmen Pearsall: Natural Heritage and Urban Intensification: Tensions in Toronto’s Official Plan

Luz Rodriguez: Are Immigrant Remittances a Development Tool? Community-Based Remittances from a Planning Perspective

Dan Rosen: Life in MaRS: Stakeholder Objectives and How They Can Be Used to Measure and Achieve Success for Toronto’s Medical and Related Sciences Discovery District

Luisa Sotomayor: Commuting Patterns, Lifestyles and Household Dynamics: Learning from a Firm’s Relocation Process

Shayna Stott: Wind Power Development: Policy Options for Ontario

Melisa Tapper: Assessing the Role of Neighbourhoods in Determining the Well-Being of Residents in Toronto’s West End

Scott Vokey: If the Price is Right: Obstacles to Implementing Pay-As-You-Throw User Fees in Large Communities in Ontario

Natasha Webster: Heritage Development and the Case of Houhai, Beijing

Yi Jin Woo: Better Civic Spaces for Better Communities: Case of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Connie Yap: Immigration and Places of Worship

Kathy Zaletnik: Water Reuse for Lawn Watering as One Component of the Soft Water Path Approach: Global Perspectives and Lessons for Canadian Cities

Jessie Zhang: Lessons from Decision Making on Urban Transportation Investment in Toronto

2003 – 2004


Ornella Albo: Vaughan Corporate Centre: Suburban Downtown Development

Jason Bottoni: Overcoming the Barriers to the Redevelopment of Downtown Brampton

Ruth Caceres: Promoting Diversity and Equality in the CAW through Paid Education Leave

Sara Campbell Mates: Education for Change: The Role of the Third Sector in the Provision of Environmental Education in Ontario

Jeffrey Cantos: Parking Strategies for Affordable Housing: An Efficient and Equitable Approach

Robert Cristello: From Infill to Win-Winfill: A Collaborative Approach for Better Managing Land Development Disputes Between Developers and Affected Residents

Caroline Eugene: Community Participation in Poor Rural Community Development in St. Lucia: Myths or Reality?

Michael Fox: Upper Canada Historical Park

Brent Gilmour: Moving Forward: Market Transformation for Green Buildings

Renee Gomes: Thinking about Road Pricing: Options, Examples and Issues for Consideration in the Greater Toronto Area

Alena Grunwald: The Effectiveness of a Collaborative Policy Process: A Case Study of the National Round Table on the Environment and Economy in Promoting Brownfield Redevelopment

Amy-Lyn Hall: Environmental Issues in the Oil and Gas Industry: An Evaluation of Corporate Responses to Climate Change and Access to Resources

Matthew Hanson: Waterfront Planning in Deep River: Meeting the Growth Challenges of a Single Industry Town

Josh Lerner: Building a Democratic City: How Participatory Budgeting Can Work in Toronto

Susan Mabee: The Mid-Peninsula Highway: Smart Growth Solution or Problem?

Meredith Meade: Perception of Safety at the University of Toroto:  St. George Campus

Stephane Nieweler: Transit-Oriented Development for the Greater Toronto Area: An International Policy Perspective

Emily Reisman: Station Cars: Suburban Car-Sharing in the GTA

Peter Rozek: Midtown Detroit Residents’ Perception of Transit and Pedestrian Safety

Dawn Seetaram: Idealism Meets Reality: The Role of Creative Industries on the Toronto Waterfront

Lindsay Stephans: Reflecting More Clearly: Evaluating Participation Processes

Damian Szybalski: Harvesting Wind from Idle Ground: Integrating Land-Use Planning Policies for Wind Power into the City of Toronto’s Official Plan and Zoning By-law: The Case of the Toronto’s Port Lands 

Lori Tesolin: Information and Computer Technology Cluster Development in the Greater Toronto Area:  An Assessment of Regional Research and Development Infrastructure

Christian Ventresca: From Waterfront to Water’s Edge: Reconnecting Toronto to its Lake through Community-Based Boating

2002 – 2003


Leah Birnbaum: Building Recreation Space: Advocacy Planning in East Mall

Sabrina Bordone: Siting Supportive Housing Facilities:  An Analysis of Lessons Learned

Joyce Feinman Sasson: Growing Old in North York

Paula Gallo: Feasibility Study for Establishing a Reuse Centre for the Arts within the City of Toronto

Steven Gammon: Growing in a Different Direction: Building Success into Smart Growth Redevelopment in St. Catharines

Angela Gibson: A Blueprint for Transit Innovation: The Implementation of an Integrated Mobility System in the GTA

Carol Jacob: Return for Refund Where Applicable: Implementing a Deposit-Return System for Used Beverage Containers in the Province of Ontario

Lesley Kinsley: The Effectiveness of the City of Toronto’s Municipal Planning Tools in Facilitating the Creation of Affordable Housing: Perspectives from Non-Profit Developers

Linda Lum: Responding to Crime: Evaluation of the Police Foot Patrol in the Downtown Yonge BIA

Nadia Messere: Preserving Toronto’s Public Schools: An Examination of the Toronto District School Board’s Criteria for School Closures

Carrie Mitchell: Promoting Cleaner Production in Vietnam: The Role of Training and Education in Strengthening Industry’s Environmental Behaviour

Paula Neto: Evaluating Brownfield Programs in the Greater Toronto Area

Lorenzo Nicolet: From the ROM to Spadina: Considering a Bloor Street Cultural District

Sarah Phipps: Houses Behind Houses and Laneway houses: A valid method of intensification?

Andrzej Pilley: Cost Allocation and Fees Design Recommendations for Ontario’s Proposed Environmental Labeling, Tracking, and Certificates Trading System

Jonathan Rubin: From Failing Shopping Centres to Great Neighbourhoods: The Case of Thornhill Square Shopping Centre

Eric Shaw: Design for Change: A Response to Homeslessness in Toronto Using  Manufactured Housing

Amy Shepherd: An Evaluation of Residential Intensification Policy in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Marcus Siu: The Geography of Biotechnology: Growth in the Greater Toronto Area and Factors Affecting Location Choice

Drew Spence: ONTARIO WORKS: From Welfare Poor to Working Poor; Is There a Better Way?

Zach Taylor: Living with the Gardiner Expressway: Urban Design Approaches

Kate Zavitz: Muskoka’s Resorts: An Assessment of the Tourist Commercial Resort Accommodation Industry in the District Municipality of Muskoka

2001 – 2002


Nathaniel Aguda: Securing Their Future:  Improving Adolescents Access to Reproductive Health Care in Accra, Ghana

Gail Alleyne: Developing Indicators for Sustainable Urban Land-Use: Recommendations for the Hamilton Land-Use in Urban Areas Taskforce

Leah Andrews: Planning in Housing Design for an Ageing Population

Girard Beaudin: Evaluation Guidelines for Tax Increment-Based Financing Applications Intended for Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment Projects in Hamilton, Ontario

Antoine Belaieff: The Role of Surface Parking Lots in Toronto’s Downtown Core – An Examination of the Past, Present and Possible Future of Surface Parking

Andrew Bjorn: Incorporating Life-Cycle Assessment into Voluntary Environmental Initiatives in Ontario

Mark Ciavarro: GO Transit:  Oakville Station Parking – Economic Feasibility and Options

Meagan Friel: Commercial Power Centres in the GTA:  Implications for Commercial Policy

Shawn Fujiki: Paying the Price:  The Financial Consequences of Ontario’s Planning Process

Jonathan Gouveia: Our Future Together – A Community Based Revitalization Plan for St. Clair West

Heather Hood: Barriers to Mixed-Use Development in North York

Andrew Hope: Improving Transit Governance in the Golden Horseshoe Region

Rachel Houde: Pricing Public Transit:  A Model Based Evaluation

Ursula Locher: Public Art for the Public:  Public Art as a Participatory, Empowering and Political Planning Tool in Toronto

Kyle MacIntyre: Local Governments and their Biotechnology Clusters

Napur Malaviya: On the Road to a More Ecological Industrial System:  The Role of Waste Exchanges in Ho Chi Minh City

Jason Mercer: The Economic Impacts and Labour Force Implications of Large Capital Projects in the GTA

Laurie Payne: A Collaborative Process for Implementing the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign in the City of Buffalo

Sherri Rendek: Cool Roofs:  Taking a New Approach Towards Reducing Toronto’s Urban Heat Island

Sarah Robin: Supporting Community-Based Economic Development:  Micro-Lending in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Jonathan Rodger: Residential Intensification:  An analysis of Industrial and Commercial Conversions in the City of Toronto

Michael Sone: The Integration of Land-use and Alternative Transportation Policies in the City of Barrie

Carly Steinman: In the Path of Bulldozers?  Attempting to Regulate Rental Housing Demolition in the City of Toronto

Sarah Weinstock: Diversity and Planning Education:  A Canadian Perspective

Alastair Wishart: An Evaluation of Office Location Decisions by Dot-com Companies in the Greater Toronto Area

2000 – 2001


Deborah Babulal: Can New Urbanism provide an important Source of Affordable Accessory Housing?

Jackeline Barragan: Hispanic Immigrant Women in Toronto Labour Market

Yvonne Bialowas: Regulatory and Investment Risks of Emission Trading: An analysis for Toromont Energy Ltd.

Melissa Clements: Turning Rooms Into Homes: An Analysis of the Toronto Housing Company’s Involvement in the Rooming House Sector

Deborah Cowen: Chaos in the ‘Compromise’: The North York Model of Public Recreation

Sabina Foofat: Affordable Housing in Golden (A study of the changing housing market in conjunction with the development of a major ski resort)

Christian Giles: Transit First: Building Transit Supportive Structures in York Region

Jason Haremza: A New Parkway for a New Buffalo: Redesigning Route 5 to Unite the City with its Harbor

Ellis Hazel: Achieving National Physical Development Through Vulnerability Reduction: An Assessment of the Housing Sector in St. Kitts

Reid Henry: Building Common Wealth in Riverdale – A Strategic Action Plan

Catherina Lisiak: Conservation Incentives Required for Historic Preservation in Gastown

Joanne Lynch: The International Medical Graduate Program:  An evaluation of the means of access for foreign-trained physicians seeking an Ontario medical license

Kate McGee: Public Private Partnerships: The Missing Link Needed to Expedite Infrastructure Projects in Toronto

Heather McLean: Growing Green Spaces: New Possibilities for Promoting Community Gardens in the City of Toronto

Zoe Meletis: Connecting Credit and Recycling: An Exploration of the Feasibility of Extending Credit to Women Workers in the Vietnamese Informal Waste Economy

Lisa Mychajluk: Managing Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) in Ontario: Considerations for the Development of a Province-Wide Management Strategy

Christopher Nazar: Financing a Rebuilt Gardiner Expressway for Toronto: An Analysis of the Options and their Impact

David O'Hara: Reintegrating St. James Town: Urban Design and Open Space Improvement Strategies

Julie Poncelet: Youthscapes:  Planning and Design Alternatives for Toronto’s Youth:  Hypothetical Designs for a Neighbourhood Skateboard Park

Angela Stea: Green Building Policy: Strategies for Residential Developments

Karen Sun: Niagara Escarpment Plan Review: Estate Wineries

Mark Treskon: Balancing Change with the Community: Intensification Projects along the Sheppard Subway Corridor

Josh Van Loon: Feasibility Analysis and Recommendations for Encouraging Energy Efficiency Retrofitting of Toronto Houses

Jing Yeo: Strategies for the Sustainability of Toronto’s New Media Industry

1999 – 2000


Helen Collins: Funding GO Transit: the Question of Municipal Cost Sharing

John Iveson: A Policy Framework for Second Suites for the Town of Markham

Aarty Joshi: Managing Ontario’s Groundwater: An Assessment of Current Regulatory Practices and Pricing Regimes as they Pertain to the Commercial Bottled Water Industry

Cynthia Lamb: A Composting Program for the City of Tarija, Bolivia

Caroline Lan: New Format Retail Developments in the Greater Toronto Area — Applying Planning Policies to Minimize the Impacts of Oversupply

Perryne Lee Poy: Identifying Community Development Opportunities for a Neighborhood in Transition

Joanne Lim Fat: Strategies to Retain King-Spadina’s Arts Community Amid Revitalization

John MacKenzie: Freshwater Management in South Korea:  Implementing the Iclei Fresh Water Management Campaign

Jodi Melnick: Office Growth in the GTA: A Case Study of the Banking Industry

Denise Moylan: Growing Biotechnology in Toronto: Recommendations for City Action

Anumaya Phatate: Towards Place-Specificity: Urban Design Principles and Guidelines for the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus

Lee Pickavance: Financing Economic Development: Can Tax Increment Financing

Brent Taylor: Road Development and Habitat Fragmentation in Southern Ontario: an Evaluation of Planning and Design Practices in York Region

Penny Thompson: Public Attitudes Towards Wind Turbines on the City of Toronto’s Waterfront

Eva-Marie Tropper: Towards a Solution: Involving Multicultural Groups in Promoting and Planning a Community Centre for St. James Town

Robyn Waxman: Subdivision Design for Local Environments: Planning for Neo-Traditional Development in the Greater Toronto Area

Jane Welsh: An Environmental Plan for the New City of Toronto: How to Make It Work

1998 – 1999


Michael Anderson: On the Right Track? The Feasibility of a Fixed Rail Link from Union Station to Pearson International Airport

Devina Bahadoorsingh: Planning for Empowerment: Recommendations for a Microfinance Program for Poor Women in Trinidad and Tobago

Christopher Broughton: Environmental Impacts and Private Sector Development: A Case for Municipal Environmental Assessment

Corwin Cambray: Grey Power – An Engine for Downtown Revitalization

Michael Canzi: Paying for GO Transit:  Municipal Cost Sharing and the Alternatives

Jeffrey Chow: Planning for Community Facilities in King-Spadina

Penelope Duda: Unraveling the Industrial Real Estate Dilemma in New York: Land Use Planning for Industrial Retention and Expansion

Barbara Gosse: Development Charges, are They an Appropriate Tool for Revenue Generation to Support Affordable Housing and Other Supportive Housing Needs?

Timothy Haldenby: Protecting the Past: The Ontario Realty Corporation and the Sale of Heritage Property

Angela Han: A Catalyst for Change: Municipal Initiatives for Promoting the Use of Renewable Energy Technologies in the New City of Toronto

Ingrid Hartmann: A Retail Analysis of King Spadina

Shellen Liao: Multi-Functional Uses of Grand Public Spaces: Designing for Diversity, Culture, and Events in Nathan Phillips Square

Claire Millington: Why Preserve Farmland?  A Review of the Non-Economic Benefits of Agriculture in the GTA

Mimi Ng: Home Sweet Home?: An Evaluation of Condominium Tenant Rights Under Current Legislation

Lisa Orchard: A Supportive Single Room Occupancy Implementation Strategy for the City of Toronto

Enrique Silva: Barriers to Urban Planning Policy Implementation: (un)Strategic Planning in Cochabamba 1993-1998

Vivienne Skoberne: Brownfield Sites in Rexdale: A Framework for Understanding

Gregory Spencer: The Reurbanization of the Allen Road Corridor

Terence Tam: Enhancing Efficiency of Electricity Distribution in the New City of Toronto: Rationale, Strategies and Challenges

Diane Tom: Cleaning Up Our Sewers: Exploring Enforcement and Compliance Alternatives for the City of Toronto’s Sewer Use Bylaw

Yoko Ujike: Improving the Level of Community Safety in the City of Toronto:  What can be Learned from Japanese Policy Systems

Jill Wigle: Deregulation in King-Parliament: Market Response and Implications for Employment Uses

Scott Wintrup: Portfront: Design Guidelines for Redeveloping Toronto’s Port Area

Stella Wu: The Housing Preferences of Vancouver’s Aging Baby Boomers

1997 – 1998


Caroline Abili: Housing Experiences of African Immigrants:  A Case Study of   Black Ugandans in Toronto

Dylan Aster: A Public Art Policy for the City of Mississauga: Background Study

Andrew Cameron: Financing Municipal Golf Courses in Metro Toronto

Eileen Costello: Driving Clean? An Evaluation of Ontario’s Smog Reduction Strategy

Richard Dresher: Impediments to Brownfield Redevelopment:  the Case of the West Don Lands

Jason Ferrigan: Future Directions:  An Assessment of the 1997 Scarborough State of the City Report Initiative

Sarah Hardy: A New Approach to Capital Funding for Education: The Impact on the York Region District School Board

Christopher Jones: The Camden Yards of Hockey:  Exterior Design Recommendations for the New Maple Leaf Gardens

Judy Josefowicz: Building a Park over the Gardiner Expressway: a Community Consultation Process for South Parkdale

Tamara Kerbel: An Examination of the Future Viability of a Chinese Theme Mall Development in Markham, Ontario

Richard Koo: Toronto 2008:  Alternative Organisational and Financing Structures for Sport Facilities Development

Renata Kosciuk: A Condominium Conversion Policy for Scarborough: An Examination of Possible Policy Directives in Response to the Repeal of the Rental Housing Protection Act

Yael Levitte: City of Toronto: Demand Analysis of Utility Corridors to Bicycle Trails Conversion and an Assessment of Environmental and Health Benefits

Karl Lisle: The Future of Manufacturing in Toronto’s King-Spadina Area Under the 1996 Part II Official Plan

Antony Lorius: An Economic Development Strategy for the Food Processing Industry in the City of Toronto

Melanie Melynk: Campus Master Planning in the New Era of Town-Gown Co-operation

Kamlesh Minocha: Service Delivery Planning for Sherbourne Hospital Corporation

John Romagnoli: Ecosystem Planning: The Professional Planner

Justin Skinner: The Practice and the Technology of Modern Urban Planning Information Systems: A Planner’s Guide

Julie Stein: Housing Market Trends & Aging Baby Boomers: A Markham Case Study – A Study of the Changing Lifestyle and Housing Preferences of Front-end Baby Boomers into the 21st Century

David Stonehouse: A Planners’ Perspective on The Use of Land Use Controls to Implement a Green Infrastructure System in the Toronto Port Lands

Gregory Tanzola: Charity Gaming Clubs: An Evaluation and Assessment of Local Costs and Benefits

Christian Taylor: Yonge and Dundas:  A Strategy for an Urban Entertainment District

Soloman Wong: Proposal for a Hamilton International Airport Vicinity Protection Area

Gerda Zonruiter: Child Care Fee Subsidy Programs in London and Middlesex: A Description and Needs Assessment of the City of London, Middlesex County, and Provincial Fee Subsidy Programs

1996 – 1997


Remo Agostino: Arenas and Stadia:  Developing a Framework for Microarea Analysis

Andree Appleton: Standards & Guidelines:  Design Tools for Government Housing in the Netherlands Antilles

Susan Asprey: Planning for the Redevelopment of Contaminated Lands: The West Don Lands

Doris Cheng: Redefining the Suburb: Environmental Implications of the New Urbanism Movement

Nancy Chin: Resident Participation and Community Development in Public Housing: Implications for Management

Andrew Dales: Live-Work Zoning in the Liberty Area of Garrison Common North

Brian Dick: Central Business District Decline and the Need for Revitalization – St. Catharines, Ontario

Mark James: City of Toronto PCB Destruction Plan: Site Identification Study, Phase One Evaluation

Kyle Knoeck: The Big Box Goes to Town: Implications of New Format Retail for Downtown Urban Design

Christina Laing: An Evaluation of Land Use Change in the Yonge – St. Clair Area and the Planning Decisions Helping to Facilitate Residential Condominium Development

Louis-Philippe Lavallee: A Report on the City of Toronto’s Third-Party Advertising Sign Policies

Christine Little: Economic Opportunity Cost, Environmental Health and Inefficient Use of Resources:  A Case for Applying Direct and Indirect Incentives for Contaminated Site Remediation in the City of Toronto

Anar Mamdani: Self-Help Housing: An Alternative Approach to Housing Low Income Households

Julia McCammond: The Wave of the Future?:  An Analysis of the Growing Trend Towards Public/Private Partnership Involvement in the Construction of Large Scale Infrastructure Projects

Marnie McGregor: Investing in Toronto Daycare Centers: Everyone Benefits

Nancy Mudrinic: Transportation Systems Management and its Impact on Transit in the GTA

Valdemar Nickel: Industrial Phoenix: Awakening Urban Design on King Street West

Sarah Niles: Telecommunications and Economic Development in Metropolitan Toronto: Defining the Issues

Katherine Pestieau: Normalizing Diversity: A Guide to Providing Immigrant-Responsive Social Services, the Experience of Metro Children’s Services

Tina Schankula: Environmental Management Systems

Taavi Siitam: Transit-Oriented Development Principles in Practice: A Case Study of Neighbourhood Concerns and Issues in the Sheppard East Subway Corridor Reurbanization Initiative

Christina Tizzard: Demarginalizing the Marginalized : Strategies for Including Street Youth Services in the Redevelopment of Lower Yonge Street

Jeremy Warson: Downsview Lands Park Space: Opportunity for Voluntary Stewardship

1995 – 1996


Sonya Ahamed: Chicago and Toronto: Comparison of Responses to Social Services Cutbacks

Jennifer Ahearn: MIDTERM ONLY:  An Evaluation of the City of Toronto’s Tree Cutting By-Law

Edward Belsey: The Implications of Bill 20:  The Right to Appeal a Minor Variance Decision to the OMB

Gregory Cardwell: Economic Transition in Metro Toronto:  An Employment Study of Metro’s Industrial Districts Between 1985 to 1994

Helen Dassi: The Financial Implications of Growth Management Policies:  A Case Study of the City of Vaughan

Christopher De Sousa: An Evaluation of Alternative Institutional Systems for the Long-Term Administration of the Oak Ridges Moraine Bioregion

Mark Flowers: Using Development Charges to Achieve Housing and Residential Land Use Policy:  A Case Study of York Region

Helen Garland: Toronto Streetspace

Diana Gregoric-Adzemovic: Planning the Reconstruction:  Sarajevo After the War

Randy Gronchowski: The Determination of Environmental Contributors to the Toronto Downtown East’s Drug and Prostitution Problems:  Final Report

James Kennedy: The Costs and Benefits of Gaming Operations:  Planning Strategies for Dealing with the Casino Rama Development

Seanna Kerr: Stopping the Sprawl:  The Effects of Net Density and Public Agency Land Requirements of Gross Density

Bill Lashbrook: Local Responses to Economic Change:  Toronto’s Legal and “Estra Legal” Loft Conversions

Neil Mallen: Towards an Integrated Vision for the Reevelopment of Toronto’s Port Industrial District

Daniel Naundorf: Building Consensus Around Innovative Planning Initiatives:  The Case of Toronto’s King-Spadina and King-Parliament Part II Plans

Mirella Ng Wong Hing: A Local Economic Development Initiative:  A Case Study in the City of Scarborough

Joseph Sergnese: The Downsview Lands:  A Large Scale Redevelopment Approach

Shelagh Sturtridge: Private Property Stewardship:  Protecting Natural Heritage in the City of Toronto

Monica Tang: The Relevance of the Living Machine Technology to Water Management in Metropolitan Toronto

Peter Thoma: Municipal Control of Night Time Leisure Activities:  Dancing Around the Issues

Angela Thompson: A Stakeholders’ View of Packaging Stewardship Initiatives

Michael Van De Vegte: An Analysis of Non-Residential Development Charges in the Town of Oakville

Melinda Vandenberghe: Highest and Best Use?  Planning Issues in the Conversion of Industrial Space to Alternative Uses

Daniel Whelton: The Building Code as a Barrier to Residential Intensification

Michael White: Development Control in Vancouver and Toronto:  A Comparative Perspective

Andrea Yearsley: Municipal Provisions for a Safer City:  Relevance to the Experiences of Women from Racially and Culturally Diverse Groups in Toronto

1994 – 1995


Marc Arnold: The Futures Work Experience Program:  Targeting Youth Employment in a Changing Economy

Patricia Buckley: The Atlantic Groundfish Strategy

Debbie Cella: Suburban Employment Areas:  A Case Study of the City of Vaughan

Robert Conway: Common Interest Developments, Planning Implication

Derek Covington: Financing Growth in Toronto: Evaluating Development Changes in the City of Toronto

Sean Demsky: Case Study of the Montgomery Village Subdivision Development in the Town of Orangeville, Ontario

Marc Despatie: Discussion Paper on the Possibility of Using a Neotraditional Development Approach in the Port Hope West Planning District

Susan Fall: Establishing Parking Standards for Accessory Apartments:  Municipal Response to the Residents Rights Act

Denise Girard: An Evaluation of User Fees as a Waste Management Tool

Thomas Goodeve: Transit-supportive land use planning in the Outer GTA: An evaluation of official plans as delivery mechanisms for planners’ prescriptions to sprawl

Sharon Hill: The Duffin Rouge Agricultural Preserve:  A Review of Land Use Characteristics and an Evaluation of Proposed Land Management Policies

Julia Jackson: An Analysis of the Application of the Concept of “Urban Environmental Health” to the Texas-Mexico Border Region, A Case Study:  Brownsville, Texas

Peter Kowal: Public Housing in Ontario:  Considerations for Future Policy

Wayne MacGregor: The Impact of Rapid Transit on Station Area Development

David Morton: Curbing Private Automobile Use in Metropolitan Toronto

Susan Pollock: The Sheppard East Subway – An Examination of Land Use Intensification in a Transit Corridor

Lauren Pollock: Municipal Implementation of Neotraditional Development:  A Feasibility Study

Beverley Rowlands: Environmental Sustainability Reporting:  a Franework for the Nottawasaga Valley Watershed

Brett Smith: Recreational Lakefront Planning: A Case Study of Limerick Lake Estates

Fraser Smith: Economic Development and Planning, An Integration and a New Direction

Dan Tassie: OTAB, LTABs and the Politics of Skills Training

1993 – 1994


Todd Christine: The Use of the “Heritage Conservation District” Designation in Southern Ontario (The Experiences in Toronto, Mississauga, and Markham)

Matthildur Kr. Elmarsdottir: Residential Intensification in Reykjavik

Jose Gavinha: Public Funding for the MTCVA:  A Cost-Benefit Analysis and Discussion of Alternatives

Eugenio Macchione: Housing Vouchers:  A Comparative Evaluation

Lori Martin: Zoning Provisions for Rail Corridors within the City of Toronto

Melissa Murphy: Sustainable Development, Environmental Responsiveness and the Food Industry

Kevin Plautz: Environmental Carrying Capacity:  Examination of the Concept and Development of a Methodology for Implementation

Rupen Seoni: Tourism Policy and Government Support for Festivals:  A Case Study

Judy Sherratt: GIS Implementation:  The Importance of User Needs Studies for Planning Departments:  Case Study – City of Guelph

Terrence Joseph Singh: Environmental Equity and the Distribution of Waste Disposal Sites:  the Case of the Greater Toronto Area

Paul Stewart: Planning for Retail Developments and the Public Interest

Darren Taubman: The Effectiveness of ADR for Resolving Planning Disputes

Lesley-Anne Yule: Residential Property Taxation:  An Assessment of Alternatives

1992 – 1993


Yvette Ali: A Strategy for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Planning for Ontario

Catherine Cieply: The Measurement and Management of Cottage Conversions in Ontario: A Case Study of the Townships Of Mara, Saugeen, Muskoka Lakes, and Dysart et. Al.

Karen Pianosi: Municipal Regulation of Residential Development:  A Review of Development Standards and Reform Initiatives

Michael Skelly: Housing Intensification in the City of Toronto:  Constraints to Implementation

1991 – 1992


Kerry Lakatos-Hayward: Electrical Energy Implications of MISA on the Municipal STP Sector

Brian Mierzynski: The Saaty Analytic Hierarchy Method (SAHM) As a Planning Evaluation Tool

Peter Naperstkow: The Role of Municipal Planning Policies and Actions in the Maintenance of Housing Opportunities for Low Income Households in Selected City of Toronto Census Tracts

Motohiko Nishibayashi: Expanded Traffic Management System in Metropolitan Toronto:  Defining the Issues

Erin O'Connor: Owner Occupany in City of Toronto Cokndominiums:  An Analysis

Stephen Onyskay: Housing as a Matter of Provincial Interest:  Implementation of the Ontario Land Use Planning for Housing Policy Statement

Igor Vojnovic: Energy Conservation in New Subdivision Designs

Sandra D. Young: An Evaluation of the Density Transfer Policies Adopted by the City of Toronto

Nicola Zeunert: Methods for Reducing Neighbourhood Opposition to Affordable Housing:  A Survey of Planners and Housing Developers

1990 – 1991


Christine Blake: Winter Use of Mel Lastman Square

Matthew Casey: Future Development Scenarios for the Port Industrial District

Tracy Corbett: An Analysis of the Ontario Municipal Board Cases on the Provision of Affordable Housing:  The OMB’s Interpretation of the Ontario Policy Statement:  Land Use Planning for Housing

John McLean Fleming: An Investigation of Long-term Occupancy in Public Housing Turnover Rates and Tenant Characteristics

Francois Fournel: Housing in Third World Cities:  A Strategy for Slum Areas and Squatter Settlements Improvement, Based on Community Participation, with a particular emphasis on the case of Port-Au-Prince (Haiti)

Michael Hartford: Promoting Heritage Preservation:  Private Sector Incentives

Stanley Lartey: Local Government Administration in Ghana:  Problems and Prospects

Gillian Lawrence: Family and Community Support Service Big Brothers and Big Sisters Affiliation Study

Filomena Nunes: New Subdivisions and Energy

SoMei Quan: Privately Serviced Rural Development:  Implications for Planning and Policy

Mike Robling: Options for the Port Hope Harbour:  An Analysis of the Port Hope Harbour Remedial Action Plan

Mark Ling: The Land Division Process in Rural Ontario:  A Case Study of Frontenac County

1989 – 1990


Maureen Fair: Community Land Trusts and Homes First Society Land Leasing and Homeownership in the Non-Profit Sector

K. Fisher: Evaluation Design for the Independent Health Facilities Act

Kim Fowler: Sustainable Development and Lane Use Planning:  Proposed Guidelines for Municipalities on Managing Growth

Robert Gosse: Controlling Site Re-use and Soil Contamination Through the Planning Process

Karl Heck: Industrial Policy and its Effect on Location: an Examination of Greater Buffalo and Metro Toronto

Jeffrey Neal: The Delegation of Niagara Escarpment Plan Development Control:  A Survey and Discussion of Municipal Views

Stephan Robichaud: Resale Control Mechanisms for Owner Occupied Affordable Housing

Therisa Singh: Benefits of Streamlining:  the Subdivision Approval Process

J. Zanin: Community Services Report for the East Downtown

1988 – 1989


Toozie Dyck: Housing on Industrial Lands:  The Need for Comprehensive Planning and Appropriate Design

Cyndi Rottenberg: Performance Monitoring for the Ontario Ministry of Housing’s Housing Advocacy Task Force

Catherine A. Spears: Public Open Space in Urban Planning:  Changing Land-Use Regulations.  A Case Study of King and Bay Street

Lizette L. Zuniga: Absentee Landlords and Housing Conversion in Scarborough

1987 – 1988


Alan Binks: The Utilization of Computers for Planning:  The Case of the County of Victoria

Donna Davis: An Evaluation of the 1986 Provincial Housing Demonstration Project in the City of Halifax

Alan Drozd: The Basis for the City of Toronto’s Small Site Density Transfer Policy:  A Review

Jim Helik: An Outlook of the Industrial Land Market in the Toronto Area

Joan Kilpatrick: Rental Standards for Ontario:  A Discussion Paper

Glenn Richardson: OWMC’s Facilities Development Process:  An Analysis of Compliance with the Ontario EA (Environmental Assessment) Act

1986 — 1987


Helen Angus: An analysis of the Minister’s Zoning Order for the Pickering Airport, Some Policy Alternatives and Recommendations

Susan Cornish: An Implementation Analysis of the Canada Rental Supply Plan: A Potential Need for Local Housing Market Data

Karin Elsen: Historic Preservation as a Bargaining Problem in the City of Toronto

Ian Graham: The St. Clair Heritage District

Alan R. Theobald: Polo I in St. Nicholas Village:  A Case Study of Two Development Review Processes Utilized in the City of Toronto

1985 — 1986


Lance Alexander: Municipal Industrial Policy: A Case Study of the Toronto CMA Electrical Products Industry

Ezrom Aliga: Urban Transportation Planning and the Role of Informal Matatu Transportation in Nairobi

Kyle Benham: The Hostel Problem: An Evaluation of the Metropolitan Toronto Hotel System

David Brodati: Gentrification in Toronto: The Loss of Housing Opportunities

Laurian Brunet: Corvee-Habitation: A Housing Policy Methodology for Evaluation

Lucy Danilko: Public Participation in Transportation Planning – Go Alrt – A Proposed Strategy

1984 — 1985


Charles Cheesman: Residential Conversion in the City of Niagra Falls

Mary Clark: Sharing the Costs and Benefits of Railway Lands Development

David Fletcher: Second Home Conversion Trends:  A Discussion of Trends Which May Influence the Rate of Conversion of Second Homes to Year-Round Occupancy

Paul Gleeson: Lot Levies: Current Issues and Guidelines

1975 — 1976


Steve Jacques: Cosby, Mason and Martland Zoning By-Law Creation

Lynn Morrow: Zoning for Diversity