Geography Fields of Specialization

The Department of Geography offers facilities for research leading to the degrees of Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). In addition to degree programs, the department is a participating member of several collaborative programs – these innovative programs provide students with a broader base from which to explore novel interdisciplinary areas or special development in a particular discipline, to complement their degree studies.

Students may undertake research in the following fields and major sub-fields of geography:

Physical Geography and Natural Systems

Climate Modelling; Fluvial Geomorphology; Process Hydrology; Impacts of Climatic Change; Digital Terrain Analysis; Soil and Water Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Biogeochemical Modelling; Limnology.

Environmental Geography and Resource Management

Environmental Assessment; Natural Resource Policy; Urban Environmental Management; Waste Management and Recycling; Global Environmental Issues; Land Use In and Around Urban Areas; Energy Management; Sustainable Development.

Urban/Economic Geography

Industrial Location; Capital Theory and Technical Change in Regional Development; Regional Dynamics; Labour Markets; Canadian Industrial Development; Impacts of Technological Change; Population Analysis; Urban Growth and Change; Urban Systems; Housing and Housing Policy; Neighbourhood Change; Transportation Geography; Urban Landscapes; Canadian Urban Development; Transportation; Urban Environments; Inner Cities; Third World Cities.

Historical/Social/Cultural Geography

Historical Geography of Canada and the United States; Historical Urban Geography of Toronto and other North American cities; Historical Geography of Financial and Industrial Districts; Urban Social Geography; Social Policy and Political Theory; Housing; Feminist Geography; Homelessness; Community Development.

Spatial Information Systems

Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Systems; Simulation Modelling; Departmental Resources.