About our Undergraduate Studies


Geography is the study of the environments created on the earth’s surface by nature and people. The physical and biological elements of these environments, as well as their economic and social structure, historical development, spatial organization, interrelationships, management and planning form the subject matter of Geography. Geography, therefore, relates closely to other fields in natural science, social science and the humanities, and geographers take courses in these related fields along with their geography courses. Students specializing in other subjects often select one or more geography courses to deepen their understanding of the resource base, culture and economy of those parts of the world in which they are interested.

There are many programs of study available to you in geography, which include both BA and BSc degree options. These options reflect the highly diversified nature of geography and the varied career choices you have with a degree in the discipline. The undergraduate handbook details the courses available, highlights the teaching and research interests of our professors as well as the opportunities you have to become involved in research projects.

For additional information regarding undergraduate geography study contact the Undergraduate Counsellor at undergrad@geog.utoronto.ca and see the Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar: Geography.