Challenging Racism in Planning

During the 2020-2021 academic year, we conducted a periodic internal curricular review of our graduate Planning Program. The review included a significant focus on addressing anti-Black racism and more generally racism in our profession, academic field and indeed in our Planning Program. Just as good urban planning must be transparent and accountable to stakeholders, so too we include here some signposts of our process, including a letter from our graduate students to the Planning Program faculty [2020], a faculty response detailing plans for the internal program review [2020], a statement of solidarity with movements against anti-Black racism issued by the Department of Geography & Planning [2020], and an anti-Black Racism framework for the Planning Program [2022].

Anti-Black Racism Framework – September 2022

Faculty Response to Student Letter – June 11, 2020

Department Solidarity Statement Regarding Anti-Black Racism – June 10, 2020

Student Letter to Faculty – May, 2020