U of T Association of Geography Alumni (UTAGA)


The University of Toronto Association of Geography Alumni (UTAGA) was founded in 1993 by an ad hoc group consisting of alumni who represented a wide range of graduating years and members of the University of Toronto Geography Department faculty. Over time, this group became UTAGA’s first Executive.

UTAGA represents all of the department's alumni. This includes individuals with an undergraduate degree from U of T with either a major or specialist in a geography program, and those with a graduate degree administered by the Department of Geography & Planning. Upon graduating, alumni are given the option to receive UTAGA updates by email.

Getting Involved

Help us stay connected and join the UTAGA network! We will contact you with departmental and alumni events, opportunities, and updates, including the department's annual newsletter. 

The Executive of UTAGA also welcomes new members to join our monthly meetings and participate in alumni programming and initiatives.

If you want to get involved, please email utaga@utoronto.ca.

You can follow UTAGA  on Facebook

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