Bousfield Distinguished Visitor in Planning

About the Visitorship

The John Bousfield Distinguished Visitor in Planning was established through a major donation and a matching grant by the University of Toronto. The Visitorship honours John Bousfield (1929-2016), a distinguished Canadian Urban Planner, with more than six decades of professional practice, and enables the Department of Geography & Planning to bring to the University accomplished individuals who can teach, give public lectures and participate in collaborative research projects on issues important to the field of planning.

The Bousfield Visitorship is intended to offer distinguished planning academics and practitioners the opportunity for research, writing and reflection, while also enhancing the learning experience of graduate students in the Program in Planning, providing diverse and innovative perspectives on contemporary planning issues and enhancing the relations between the Planning Program and the community at large.

Located in one of the most diverse cities in North America, the Planning Program offers its students a
dynamic, interdisciplinary blend of practical knowledge and critically engaged theory.

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Eligibility, Expectations and How to Apply

The Planning Program invites applications from accomplished practitioners and scholars who have substantial planning experience in public, non-profit, community-based or private organizations, in local, national and/or international venues. The program especially encourages applications from those whose backgrounds and viewpoints are currently underrepresented within planning, and from community-based practitioners.

The Planning Program can typically support a one-semester visitorship with a stipend of up to CDN $50,000, commensurate with the duration and intensity of the period in residence at U of T. Shorter and longer visits will also be considered. The period of residency and the amount of funds are flexible to accommodate the varied schedules and needs of applicants. The length of stay must be concentrated enough to enable each visitor to become involved in the teaching and/or related activities of the Program, and to provide meaningful opportunities to interact with faculty and students..

Applications consisting of a curriculum vitae and a 2 page plan of the individual’s proposed activities should be sent by email attachment to the Chair of the Geography Department, Professor Richard DiFrancesco ( by March 15, 2022. Please address inquiries to Professor Katharine Rankin, Associate Chair and Director, Graduate Programs in Planning, (

Past Visitors

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