Congratulations to all graduates – a message from the chair

June 23, 2021 by Professor DiFrancesco

June 23, 2021

Dear graduates, on behalf of my colleagues, let me congratulate you on your graduation. I sincerely hope that the time you have spent in the Department of Geography & Planning has been enjoyable and rewarding. This department takes great pride in offering students (undergraduate and graduate alike) the very best in terms of a well-balanced rigorous education that blends ideas and tools from many disciplines and perspectives and prepares graduates to meet the pressing challenges of the time. It is fair to say that humankind (along with many other species) is at a critical juncture. Many substantial challenges require your attention, and I am proud to say that the Department of Geography & Planning at the University of Toronto has played a role in the development of a new generation of pioneers, problem-solvers, teachers, and visionaries who can face these challenges. I think the future is in good hands. As I often say, the world needs more Geographers and Planners. In closing, let me wish you the very best going forward as you graduate and move on to new challenges.

Yours truly,

Richard DiFrancesco, Ph.D., M.C.I.P., R.P.P.
Associate Professor & Chair
Department of Geography & Planning
University of Toronto