The Feminist Collective – a new tri-mentoring initiative

January 28, 2022 by Department of Geography & Planning

Feminist Collective Image

Department of Global Development Studies, Human Geography (UTSC) and the Department of Graduate Geography & Planning (St. George) present a new tri-mentoring initiative: The Feminist Collective.


The Feminist Collective is a writing and mentoring collective designed to bring into conversation a multi-scaled group of feminist thinkers, where undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty come together based on shared interests in intersectional feminism, anti-colonial, anti-sexist and anti-racist thought and practice. This year’s cohort consists of the following graduate students from the Department: Anahid SimitianAndrew ThomasNokuzola SongoKaela Sanborn-HumEstefania Rueda-Torres along with six undergraduate fellows. The collective is led by Professor Sharlene Mollett.

The Collective will meet weekly and tri-mentor around a collective writing project, professional development activities and events. We welcome visits from faculty, staff, and advanced graduate students looking to share professional development tips, career trajectories, works-in-progress, and research presentations (etc.).

Upcoming Events

The Inaugural Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Caroline Faria from the Department of Geography and the Environment, University of Texas, Austin on March 18th @ 11am. Please save the date!


The Feminist Collective is supported by the Departments of Global Development Studies, Human Geography (UTSC) and the University of Toronto Distinguished Professor Award.


While the collective’s website is under construction, please feel free to be in touch with Professor Sharlene Mollett regarding participation or if you want to learn more!