John Bousfield Public Lecture Series: Community-based struggles for an inclusive local economy (Presented by Adriana Beemans)

April 18, 2023 by Department of Geography & Planning

Presented by speaker Adriana Beemans at Innis Town Hall on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.


What does ‘Community (economic) Development’ look like in an urban context like Toronto? How are the principles of social and solidarity economies illuminated in its practice and under what conditions? How can we assess the impact and contribution neighbourhood-based and community-led efforts are having in addressing poverty and income inequality? And what insights can be drawn for pursuing transformative change at a local level? Drawing on her 20 years as a community development practitioner in Toronto, and particularly on 15 years as a grant-maker, capacity-builder and funder of grassroot and community-based initiatives, Adriana will explore these questions by profiling four strategy stories of community praxis (and planning) in Toronto’s local economy. The talk will reflect on how their different approaches to social change strategy, equity, place, and politics underpin successes in improving the lives of people and places of Toronto (and Canada), while contributing to and fighting for economic justice.