Christopher Higgins

Assistant Professor
Room HL512 (UTSC); Room SSH5034 (UTSG)
(416) 208 - 4871


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Spatial analysis and GIScience, Accessibility and travel behaviour, Built environment and urban morphology. 


I am a quantitative geographer whose research is focused on the relationship between form and function in cities. Using the tools and methods of GIS/geographic data science, I capture and model the physical form and infrastructure of the city, its urban networks and the flows of people, goods, and information they facilitate, and the use of the city as an area or volume for engaging in activities. By providing a window into how the dynamic state of the city impacts and is impacted by social, environmental, and economic processes, my work seeks to better inform policy and planning interventions and promote more sustainable urban outcomes.


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Thayer, J., Phillips, R. and Desloges J.R. 2016. Downstream channel adjustment in a low-relief, glacially conditioned watershed. Geomorphology 262, 101–111.


PhD, McMaster University