Joseph Desloges

2124 Earth Sciences Centre, 22 Ursala Franklin St



Department of Earth Sciences

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

The influence of rivers, glaciers and humans on landform development, Holocene fluvial and glacial processes in Canada (S. Ontario, mountainous regions of BC, and the southern Yukon), Paleohydrology using archives of sediments in floodplains and lake deposits, The role of extreme events, Urbanization impacts on stream erosion, River and floodplain geoarchaeology. 


Teaching Field Methods, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, graduate-level seminar on paleohydrology.


Kostaschuck. R., Aden, A. and Desloges, J.R. 2020. Impact of the Mount Polley Mine tailings dam failure on erosion, deposition and copper contamination in Quesnel Lake: British Columbia, Canada. Sedimentology,

Desloges, J.R., Phillips R.T.J., Byrne, M.-L. and Cockburn, J.H.M. 2020. Geomorphology of the Great Lakes Lowlands of Eastern Canada. In, O. Slaymaker and N. Catto N (eds), Landscapes and Landforms of Eastern Canada. (eds.), Landscapes and Landforms of Eastern Canada, World Geomorphological Landscapes, Springer International Publishing. Switzerland, 259-275.

Tetford, P.E., Desloges, J.R. and Nakassis, D. 2017b. The potential relationship between archaeological artefact exposure and surface geomorphic processes –NE Peloponnese, Greece. Journal of Field Archaeology. 1-14 p

Tetford, P.E., Desloges, J.R. and Nakassis, D. 2017a. Modelling surface geomorphic processes using the RUSLE and Specific Stream Power models in a GIS framework, NE Peloponnese, Greece. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment. 3(4), 1229-1244. DOI 10.1007/s40808-017-0391-z

Thayer, J., Phillips, R. and Desloges J.R. 2016. Downstream channel adjustment in a low-relief, glacially conditioned watershed. Geomorphology 262, 101–111.


PhD, Univ. of British Columbia
MSc, Univ. of Wisconsin Madison
BES, Univ. of Waterloo

Administrative Service

Chair, Department of Geography and Planning, 1998-2008
Principal, Woodsworth College, 2008-2019