Ryan Isakson

Associate Professor
(416) 287-7345



Associate Chair, Department of Global Development Studies (2021 - Present)

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Political economy of food and agrarian change, Political ecology, Financialization, Peasant livelihoods, Agroecology, Environmental change, Land and water control, Latin America, Guatemala.


I am a political economist with a broad interest in food systems and agrarian development, particularly in Latin American contexts. My research is driven by a desire to understand the relationships between socio-economic change, land use practices, and the marginalization of agricultural producers, with the overarching objective of informing and fomenting the development of socially just and environmentally sustainable agri-food systems. To date, my research has focused upon three overlapping themes: (1) the interplay between market development, peasant livelihoods, and the cultivation of agricultural biodiversity in Guatemala; (2) how the contemporary processes of 'financialization' contour food economies; and (3) the interplay between financial inclusion, the commercialization of peasant agriculture, and the economic and environmental vulnerability of Central American farmers, especially in the context of climate change.


Jennifer Clapp and S. Ryan Isakson. 2018. Speculative Harvests: Financialization, Food, and Agriculture. Fernwood and Practical Action Publishing (Open Access).

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PhD, University of Massachusetts Amherst
BA, University of Utah