Emily Smit

PhD Student


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

  • Sustainability
  • Built environment
  • Transdisciplinary knowledge
  • Community-based methodologies
  • Posthumanisms
  • Municipal climate action
  • Homes and housing

Working Dissertation


Retrofitting Toronto's single-family homes through net-zero to net-positive


John Robinson


I research and practice how renovating and living in our homes can produce net-positive human-environment relationships.


Tozer, L., MacRae, H., & Smit, E. (in press). Achieving deep energy retrofits for households in energy poverty. Buildings & Cities.

Eaton, W., Robertson, T., Arbuckle, J., Brasier, K., Burbach, M., Burnham, M., Church, S., Eberly, C., Hart-Fredeluces, G., Jackson-Smith, D., Rogers, A., Wildermuth, G., Canfield, K., Córdova, S. C., Chatelain, C., Edwards, J., Fowler, L., Hurst, Z., Kirchhoff, C., Manheim, M., Martinez, R., Mook, A., Mullin., C., Murrah-Hanson, L., Onabola, C., Parker, L., Redd, E., Schelly, C., Schoon, M., Sigler, W. A., Smit, E., van Huysen, T., Verbrugge, L., & Worosz, M. (2022). Advancing the Scholarship and Practice of Stakeholder Engagement in Working Landscapes: 34 Co-produced Research Opportunities. Socio-Ecological Practice Research, 4, 283–304. https://doi.org/10.1007/s42532-022-00132-8

Calvert, K., Smit, E., Wassmansdorf, D., & Smithers, J. (2021). Energy transition, rural transformation and local land-use planning: Insights from Ontario, Canada. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, 5(3). https://doi.org/10.1177/25148486211024909


MES, University of Waterloo
BES, University of Waterloo