Experiential Learning - Field & Internship Courses

The department offers the following field and internships courses. Please note that these may not be available every year.
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GGR382H1F Human Geography Field Course 

In this course, students will travel to a North American city to investigate key urban issues such as planning, redevelopment, public space, gentrification, social exclusion and housing. The course includes exercises and a project during a one-week field study in late August or early September, some preparation during the preceding summer and complementary practical work and/or seminars during the Fall Term.

GGR390H1F: Physical Geography Field Methods

Introduction to field methods in vegetation mapping/analysis, soils, hydrology, climatology and geomorphology. The course includes exercises and a project during a one-week field camp, modest preparation during the preceding summer, and complementary practical work and/or seminars during the Fall Term.

GGR481H1F: Environmental Geography Field Course

This course explores dimensions of human environment interactions in and around Toronto, focusing on the broad theme of “urban metabolism”. We examine ways in which provisioning of material and energy inputs (e.g., water, food, fuels) connect the “country” and the “city”. We will also investigate challenges to current patterns of urban provisioning, including those posed by climate change, resource depletion, and environmental degradation.

GGR482H1F: Toronto Field Course

This course explores elements of Toronto’s social, political and economic landscapes.Using historical perspectives on the changing character of selected areas, the course seeks to understand the development, reproduction and change of the city over time. A broad approach centered on the rise of modernist urbanism, the political economy of metropolitan development, and the processes of creative destruction will be used to examine the dynamics of urban change in  postwar Toronto.

GGR493Y1Y: Geography Professional Experience Course 

Undertake a professional placement matching your academic interests and career goals. Students meet regularly during the year in class to cover topics such as: reflective writing, project management, career planning, and the application of academic skills in professional contexts. Research project required that connects a topic related to placement with academic literatures. Normally, one day per week spent at placement site. For students in their final year of a Geography major or specialist program of study, or the GIS Minor. Space limited. Applications are reviewed in early spring. Not eligible for CR/NCR option.
Prerequisite: 14.5 FCEs; must be enrolled in a GGR Major or Specialist, or GIS Minor; permission of instructor.
Breadth Requirement: None