Financial Support

As a professional program, the MScPl falls under a different funding stream than the doctoral program. The University of Toronto Program in Planning provides financial support in the form of internal fellowships or assistantships for as many masters students as possible. Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis, so the number awarded in any year depends on academic performance. Since most fellowships are awarded for only one year at a time, students must be alert to all the requirements pertaining to applications for the following year. These include filling out the necessary forms and obtaining letters of recommendation. Students are also encouraged to apply for external awards and scholarships. See Funding and Fees for more information.

The Program Administrator will alert students during the academic year about deadlines for intenral and external awards and application deadlines by e-mail. The initiative to apply, however, rests with the student. Students are encouraged to further investigate awards by checking the School of Graduate Studies Awards & Funding and Graduate Funding in Arts & Science.

Internal Awards

Applicants who submit a completed application by January 10th and continuing students in the program are automatically considered for some internal University of Toronto awards. Other awards require proposals are applications. The graduate office will work with you to establish your eligibility for specific awards, as well as pass on application details. View the full list of Internal Awards.

External Scholarships and Awards

We expect all currently registered, eligible students to apply for External Awards and Scholarships. The Department’s Planning Adminstrator will work with you to establish your eligibility for specific awards and inform you about application details. External awards often provide generous funding. Prospective students registered at an Ontario university shouldapply through your home university; other Canadian prospective students should contact OGS or SSHRC.

Current students should be advised that the department deadline for external awards preceeds the external funder’s application deadline. This is because applications are first vetted internally, before being submitted to the School of Graduate Studies for an additional vetting against applications from other departments. Only those selected through these internal processes will be forwarded to the funder for consideration. All application documents, including reference letters if applicable, must therefore be received by the departmental deadline for consideration.

View the department’s list of External Scholarships and Awards or consult SGS’s comprehensive listing of scholarships and awards.


Students may be eligible for teaching assistantships or research assistantships.

Other U of T Awards

Other University of Toronto Awards for Planning Students