Spotlight on Research: Geography and Planning Show & Tell

March 28, 2024 by Department of Geography & Planning
The Department of Geography and Planning hosted its second annual Show & Tell departmental conference on March 15. Show & Tell is a mini-conference that allows departmental faculty, students and recent graduates the chance to present past, current, or future research, or simply to attend and learn more about the research happening in our department. A huge thank you to all the presenters who showcased their work, and a special thanks to Mike Lawler for organizing this event!


Pictured from left to right (Juan Carlos Jimenez, Majd Al-Shihabi, Paromita Nakshi)
2024 Presentations:
Juan Carlos Jimenez
Social Reproduction in a Time of Crisis: Index Based Agricultural Insurance, rural livelihoods, and marginalization in Eastern El Salvador
Ingrid Wong
Striking a Critical Balance: An Institutional Analysis of Knowledge Production in the J-pop and K-pop Idol Industries in Tokyo and Seoul
Shalini Mariyathas
Planning’s entanglements with Sinhala-Buddhist nationalist state: Nationalist technocrats, governing of ethnic minorities, and postwar development in eastern Sri Lanka
André Sorensen
Urban intensification and land value capture in Toronto: Conjunctural analysis, critical junctures, and developmental pathways in urban planning
Majd Al-Shihabi
Counter-modelling and the right to the city: a knowledge co-production approach
Deborah Cowen & Majd Al-Shihabi
Beyond Colonial Infrastructure: Palestine Open Maps
Jane Yearwood
Toronto’s Urban Community Gardens as More-Than-Human Commons
Giacomo Spanu
The dual-use city: Researching military geographies in ordinary Cagliari
Hali Healy
Maps Are Now Our Spears: Participatory Countermapping Xolobeni, South Africa
Karl Abian
Supervised Injection Sites: Comparing Toronto to Vancouver
Paromita Nakshi
Travelling in the Margins: How Long-term Transport Poverty Impacts Travel Behavior and Social Outcomes
Mike Lawler & Stephanie Chartrand
Cooking for none: Reflections on the prevalence and possibility of kitchen infrastructure on campus food pedagogies
Lily Zhang
Community perspectives on flooding causes, impacts and solutions in Urban Ghana