2023-24 TUGS Executive

Sarah Chen, Co-President

Hi everyone! I am in my fourth and final year of my undergraduate degree majoring in Environmental Geography with minors in GIS and Contemporary Asian Studies. I am  passionate in applying GIS tools to analyze environmental  justice issues, and my post-graduation plans involve pursuing a career as a GIS spatial analyst. As one of the co-presidents, I am excited to better connect geography students with the department and foster an inspiring and supportive community via events and communication channels! Outside of school I like to dance, thrift, and look for cool restaurants around the city. I can't wait to meet everybody this year, so please come by to TUGS events and say hi to me and the team!



Sydney Hoiseth, Co-President

Hiya! I'm in my 5th year majoring in Environmental Studies, with a double minor in History and Human Geography. I started university in International Relations, until I stepped into GGR112 (Geographies of Globalization Development) and fell in love with the discipline. My area of focus has been on Climate Justice, and what it means to build meaningful collaboration in extractive and exploitive systems. I am particularly interested in the politics of "Sustainable Development", and comparative legal histories. I grew up just outside Boston, Massachusetts, so I love spending time outside even when the weather is less than desirable! I love to craft, read fiction and non-fiction, listening to live music, and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu!



Sabrina Wong, Vice President 

Hi! My name is Sabrina, and I am so excited to be the Vice President of TUGS this year. I am a fourth year student majoring in Earth & Environmental Systems and Economics. As Vice President, I manage the TUGS bank account and financial interests and assist with presidential duties. My coursework within the department has focused on physical geography and GIS (geographic information systems), the knowledge and skills from which are culminating in my undergraduate thesis exploring the formation of river deltas on Earth and Mars comparatively using hydrological modelling. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and spending time outdoors, and some of my favourite activities in Toronto include exploring stores and cafés in the Annex and watching movies at the Revue Cinema. I am looking forward to all that TUGS has in store for this year!



Agnes Wong, Secretary 

Hi! I'm Agnes the current secretary of TUGS. I'm currently completing a double major in Ethics, Society and Law and Human Geography along with working towards the sustainability certificate at U of T. As the secretary of TUGS, I ensure smooth communication within the executive team as well as deal with some administrative work. Outside of school, I enjoy eating at new restaurants, dancing and going on walks to explore Toronto! I look forward to making friendships with you all in the Geography community! 





Kaitlyn Elcome, Social Media Officer 

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and I am a part of the Earth Sciences and Geography departments, studying a major in Earth and Environmental Systems and a double minor in Physical Geography and Human Geography. I enjoy both departments as I like learning about the intersectionality between social aspects and science aspects of Earth Sciences and Geography. During my free time, I work with UESA, WISH PEARS, and as a Peer Facilitator with Accessibility Services on campus. I am also completing various volunteer teaching positions throughout the year!





Kate Rayner, Environmental Geography Representative

I am a fourth-year student specializing in environmental geography with a minor in practical French. I got into this program because Earth systems and their human interactions are of great importance nowadays. Climate change is becoming more and more prevalent and environmental geographers are in a privileged position to research this issue and find solutions. Notably, I’m interested in resource management and governance, using tools like GIS. This year we will be holding fun social events to meet other students in geography, as well as academic seminars where UofT professors will showcase their research. Outside of geography I’m a big soccer fan, reader, and music lover. 



Teagan Sharrock, Physical Geography Representative

I am in my fifth year studying a double major in Physical and Environmental Geography and Indigenous Studies with a minor in Human Geography. My academic work and studies have focused on the interactions of humans and their natural environment and, more specifically, the impacts of anthropogenic changes to the physical environment felt by Indigenous communities. I hope to expand my research interests on how physical geography research and Western science can impact and/or benefit Indigenous communities in a post-colonial Canada. I look forward to continuing to learn from the UofT community, hear what students' needs in the Physical Geography program are as well as how best to support them through their studies. 



Jacqueline Lo, Geographical Information Systems Representative

Hello everyone!  I am Jacqueline, currently in my fourth year, double majoring in Environmental Studies and Human Geography, with a minor in GIS. I am also enrolled in the Certificate of Sustainability Pathway. I have developed a strong interest in Geography since middle school, hoping to learn more about the relationship between the environment and people. GIS allows me to further explore and analyse spatial relationships and patterns in different topics and areas. In my free time, I love going outdoor with my friends, playing table tennis and drawing. As a GIS representative this year, I would like to hold events related to GIS to promote its importance and career opportunities. I would also like to make friends with other students who have enrolled in the geography programs. I am looking forward to working with our team and also to meeting everyone at our events.


Anouk de Gouvello, Human Geography Representative

Hello! My name is Anouk and I am the TUGS Human Geography Representative for this year. I am in my fourth year completing a double major in human geography and urban studies with a focus in planning and a certificate in sustainability. As a person with a multicultural background, geography has always played a significant part in my life. My current academic and professional interests are in building climate resilience, mitigation and adaptation in cities and urban spaces. Some of my hobbies include film photography, making music, and (unsurprisingly) collecting maps. I’m excited to be part of TUGS and I look forward to seeing you at our social and academic events this year!



Karl Abian, Social Coordinator

Hello! I’m in my 5th (and hopefully final) year doing a double major in Canadian Studies and Human Geography, with a focus in Urban Geography. In addition to being the TUGS Social Coordinator, I am also returning for my 3rd year as the VP Social for CANSSU (Canadian Studies Students Union). I entered the program because issues such as climate change and settler colonialism have affected me in different ways, and the Geography program shows how other marginalized groups are affected but in different ways. My current and future areas of focus are centred on the “Canadian” context and the impacts of marginalized people across “Canada”. Such topics include “The Right to the City/The Just City”, equitable/free access to public transit, and settler colonialism impacts on marginalized groups. I’m excited to connect with all of you, host fun social events, provide a voice via our podcast, and to be a part of a wonderful program & student union! Be sure to come to my CANSSU office hours in UC on Wednesdays and hopefully my TUGS office hours in Sid Smith.


Natali Keckesova, Outreach Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Natali and I am so excited to be this year’s Outreach Coordinator! I am currently in my third year studying Human Geography, Environmental Geography and GIS. This year, I’ve focused my classes around urban planning, and have loved learning about how the built environment impacts our everyday lives, and the ways we can change the urban setting to improve both the environments, and the populations well-being. Outside of school, I love going on hikes (or even just walks with my dog), baking, crocheting, and grabbing coffee with friends! I’m looking forward to meeting the geography community at TUGS events :)




Amy Simonds, Graphic Designer

Hey everyone! My name is Amy and I’m the Graphic Designer for TUGS this year! I’m a third-year student majoring in Human Geography and minoring in Physical and Environmental Geography and Geoscience. I grew up in London, UK and moved to Toronto two years ago for university. I have always loved Geography and the range of disciplines and skills it offers. I have a particular interest in the physical world and how humans interact with it. Outside of academics I enjoy crocheting, playwriting, and going on walks with my dog. 





Minh-ly De Reboul, DEI 

Hi, I'm Minh-Ly, a 4th-year student majoring in environmental studies, minoring in environmental geography, and urban studies. As a diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, I'm committed to an inclusive and welcoming environment at TUGS. In my free time, if I ever get any, I like to find new local shops and cafes to go to, and people watch, draw, take pictures or videos, and write. I’m also involved in grassroots activist groups. In order to empower student voices, address disparities, and fight systemic injustices, I would like to direct the geography department and expand its reach. If you would like to address any concerns you have about the diversity, inclusivity, or equity of not only the  geography department but wider issues you feel should be addressed, please do reach out. I’m here and will listen!

I can be reached by email: minhly.dereboul@mail.utoronto.ca or Instagram at @minhly2102