2019-20 TUGS Executive

Alex Walton, Co-President


I’m Alex & I’ll be one of your co-president for TUGS this year! I’m currently in my final year of my undergrad here at UofT, completing a double major in Human Geography and Urban Studies. I really enjoyed working with TUGS last year and I look forward to another year on the exec! I’m most interested in the geography of food in cities and hope to pursue a masters in planning that will further explore this topic. You’ll probably find me in the TUGS office (SS611), come by & say hi!


Zahra Mohamed, Co-President


This is my second year being a part of TUGS, and I am in my final year pursuing a major in Physical & Environmental Geography and minors in Geographic Informations Systems (GIS) and Human Geography. I also have an interest in urban planning, and a keen interest in GIS. I hope to learn about different ways to incorporate GIS with various fields of study. Outside of the classroom, I love to swim, read, explore the city, and am an avid film and tv lover, and TIFF volunteer. I love being a part of the Geography department and the community of students, so I look forward to meeting fellow students, and hope to be a part of making this a great year for everyone! I can often be found in the TUGS office, in the Sid Smith basement. Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to stop by or reach out to me!


Jasmine Kara, Vice President


I’m a fourth year student specializing in Human Geography at the University of Toronto. I found a department that I am deeply passionate about, in which aligns with my future career-based goals of being a city planner. I not only thrive off of my studies, but I am extremely enthusiastic when it comes to my position on TUGS. As the previous social coordinator, I have played a crucial role in the involvement and social aspects of the undergraduate geography students. Whether this was planning and promoting academic seminars and socials, this has been apart of my role to serve as a TUGS executive member. I will continuously advocate and represent the students with academic support, seminars and social events that will help bring new opportunities and fulfilling experiences to them. You can easily find me at Innis College, Robarts or in our office at Sid Smith (room 611). I am thrilled to be a part of this enjoyable experience this upcoming year with the TUGS team!


Aqsa Kousar, Treasurer


Hello! My name is Aqsa Kousar, your Treasurer. I am in my final year completing a major in Health studies and double minor in Geographic Information System and Visual Studies. I am  interested in service design, human-centred design, spatial analysis and geo-visualization. I am passionate about intersecting service design, health and city spaces as I feel they all are multi-connected, like our city Toronto. It makes sense to find intersectional solutions in a multidimensional and multicoated world.  Aside from school, I’m an artist, traveller, foodie, and who loves the gym. With my experience in handling finances and budgeting, I hope to benefit the operations of TUGS and the Geography Department as your treasurer this year.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you see me around, have questions vent and want to say hi!


Catalina Barinas, Media Officer


Hello! I am the TUGS Media Officer for the 2019-2020 academic year. I am currently in my third-year, pursuing a double major in Human Geography with a focus in planning, and Philosophy. In view of Human Geography, I am interested in how the history of built form informs the contemporary social and cultural activities humanity engages in. As for planning, I am interested in who is involved in making changes to physical spaces, including how they decide to make changes, what variables are considered in the process, and questions of the like. Besides being a scholar, I enjoy reading anything philosophy, a good run, and photography. If you have any questions for myself, or for any of the TUGS members, reach out to our Instagram (@tugs.uoft), FB (@TUGSStGeorge), or email (uoft.tugs@gmail.com).


Natalie Yung, Social Coordinator


Hi, I’m Natalie, I’m the TUGS social coordinator for the 2019-2020 school year. I am currently in my third-year, majoring in Human geography with a focus in planning, and minoring in both environmental geography and urban studies. I am very excited to create events that will allow fellow geography students to come together to establish a stronger sense of community. Especially in a school this big, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the multitude of programs and clubs, having a geography community such as TUGS, will allow geographers to come together and establish a sense of belonging at U of T. If I’m not busy planning events, you can probably find me on the tennis courts, at the EJ Pratt library or out trying to establish my amateur food tasting profession. Career wise, I am passionate about urban planning, especially in regard to sustainable city development and design. City planners see the potential in cities, allowing each city to be developed in a way that emphasizes culture and individuality. I am very excited to contribute to our community of geographers, and to work with my fellow Tugs execs. I hope to see you at our social events!


Jasmine Lam, Secretary


Hi there! I’m in my third year double majoring in human geography and urban studies with a minor in GIS. I’m excited to make new friends, work with the rest of the TUGS executive to bridge the gap between students and the department, and enrich the social and academic lives of geography students. I’m interested in urban planning, especially relating to accessibility and transportation. You can find me at Innis College lobby, on the grass at Front Campus, or in line at Tim Hortons. Aside from academics, I love reading fiction novels, playing video games and board games, and babysitting my dog. Feel free to say hi if we run into each other!


Quinn Goranson, Environmental Geography Representative


Hello! I am the Environmental Geography representative on TUGS this year. I am in my third year at UofT majoring in Env. Geo and double minoring in Environmental Studies and Political Science. I have been passionate about the natural environment since I was little and one day hope to be an environmental lawyer to protect what I love. I am interested in Climate Justice and Sustainability. Outside of school I love to paint (landscapes of course) and kayak! I am psyched to be apart of TUGS this year and can not wait to represent the department I love and encourage students to learn more about the environment around them and how they can foster a more eco-conscious and sustainable mindset. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the department or program, or if you just want to talk about the Earth!


Esther Bushuev, Physical Geography Representative


My name is Esther and I will be your Physical Geography rep for this year! I am currently in my final year majoring in Physical & Environmental Geography with a double minor in Geoscience and GIS. My main interests include geomorphology, sedimentology, and remote sensing, but I have a deep appreciation for all disciplines relating to the physical environment and earth system processes. This year I will be doing an independent research project focusing on glaciolacustrine sedimentology and working in the geomorphology lab so you will most likely find me in the Earth Sciences Centre or Noranda Library. Outside of school I enjoy going for walks, exploring farmer’s markets around the city and spending quality time with my cats. Please reach out if you have questions about the physical geography or if you just want to chat, I am always happy to provide support for my peers! I’m looking forward to an amazing year with TUGS!


Isabel Napier, Human Geography Representative


I’m currently in my third year, majoring in Human Geography with minors in Education and French. I’ve always had a passion for geography – even when it only involved colouring maps – but have really fallen in love with it at UofT, where the interdisciplinary nature of the field has taught me so much about how the world and people in it exist and interact. I’m most interested in the role of space in producing inequality and violence at the scale of the body. I love hearing about the interests of fellow geographers and am thrilled to work with this wonderful campus community! Outside of class, I can be found hanging with friends on campus, making art or at the gym – I’m always happy to chat!


Hamza Chatila, GIS Representative


Hello my name is Hamza and I’m going to be the GIS rep for TUGS this year.  I am a third year student pursuing a degree in Political Science and Urban Planning with a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). In my spare time, I enjoy watching films at TIFF and buying and collecting vinyl records at stores like Sonic Boom and Cosmo Records! Being born and raised in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai, I love going out and trying new foods and cuisines around Toronto. You can usually find me at the Map and Data library at Robarts, usually working on a GIS assignment! I’m excited to be apart of TUGS and bring more attention to the GIS minor and all that it offers.