2018-19 TUGS Executive

Puneh standing in grass, in front of some trees.Puneh Jamshidi, Co-President


Currently, I am expected to graduate from the University of Toronto in 2019 with a Specialist in Environmental Geography and a Minor in Geographical Information System. Outside of the academic realm, you can find me on Friday’s working as a student library assistant at the Map and Data Library located in Robarts Library, as well as acting as a social coordinator for the High Park Stewards and assisting on their Sunday volunteering stewardess work. As the Co-president of TUGS I am so excited to represent geography students, help them interact with the community they are apart of and voice their opinions and concerns with the courses we provide. I hope to assist all students with their future geography and environmental endeavors moving forward in this academic semester.





Alexander smiling.Alexander Gambin, Co-President


Hello, my name is Alexander Gambin and I am one of the Co- Presidents of TUGS for the 2018-2019 academic year.  I am currently in my final year, double majoring in Physical & Environmental Geography and Geoscience.  I am interested in various earth system processes, as well as the manner in which Geography acts as an interdisciplinary field between many other fields of study. This will be my second year at TUGS and I look forward to continuing to meet my fellow Geography students at our social events and academic seminars. I can often be often found in the TUGS office, located in the basement of Sid Smith.  Should you have any questions or require additional information, please don’t hesitate to drop by our office.  I enjoy listening to the experiences of fellow Geographers, their perspectives on the programme, and their thoughts on current events taking place.  Outside of class, I enjoy playing soccer, downhill skiing with friends, walking my dog Tye, or volunteering at the ROM.



Darrell in front of town and mountains.Darrel Kwong, Treasurer


I am in my fourth year, double majoring in Physical & Environmental Geography and Geoscience. Outside of school, I like playing the oboe, travelling, cooking and spending time with my friends. I am also a foodie who is always open to try new cuisines and dishes. As your treasurer this year, I hope to utilize my experience in handling finances and budgeting to benefit the overall operation of TUGS and the Geography department. I look forward to meeting a lot of you at our social events and academic seminars. If you see me on campus, feel free to say hi (I swear I am friendly).







Aisha at a table with flowers on it.Aisha Assan-Lebbe, Secretary


I am in my fourth year of study at U of T, with double majors in Human Geography and American Studies. I’m extremely interested in the environmental humanities, feminist technoscience, and cultural studies and hope that my research interests will translate into my Master’s and/or PhD. Outside of class you can find me actively involved with the CSUS (Centre for the Study of the United States), at the Goldring Athletic Centre or Graham library. I love meeting fellow geographers, learning about their interests and receiving book recommendations. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, concerns or comments – I am thrilled to be a part of what I think will be an amazing year!





Jane sitting on stairs surrounded by flowers.Jane Law, Media Officer


I’m going into my fourth year, completing a Human Geography specialist with a focus in planning and an Urban Studies major. I’m interested in researching the ways in which subaltern food movements attempt to navigate the capitalist foodscape. The past summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong on a summer abroad course, kickstart research on the Toronto Caravan Festival as part of Vic’s Scholars-in-Residence program, and partake in a GGR499 Independent Research course. Outside of class, I enjoy dancing, watching films, baking, photography, and attending urban planning-related events around the city. You can often find me hanging at Caffiends, the Sid Smith geography lounge, or the Hong Kong library. I look forward to sharing our academic seminars and socials with you – make sure to follow our social media to stay up to date on TUG’s events!




Jasmine smiling.Jasmine Kara, Social Coordinator


I’m a third year student specializing in Human Geography at the University of Toronto. I found a department that I am deeply passionate about, which aligns with my future educational and career-based goals. My interest in urban planning with the historical and sociological processes that shape urban landscapes is a study that I am concentrated in. I not only thrive off of my studies, but I am extremely enthusiastic when it comes to social coordination and event planning. With my expertise, hard work and dedication I aspire to bring well thought out and planned social events for the TUGS and geography community. I am thrilled to be a part of this enjoyable experience this upcoming year with the TUGS team! You can easily find me downtown or around campus near St. George Street in either Innis College, Sid Smith or Robarts.





Black and white photo of Logan in sunglasses.Logan Koivu, GIS Representative


My name is Logan Koivu and I am currently in my fourth year pursuing a major in economics and a minor in GIS.  I am delighted to be the GIS representative for TUGS and I hope to serve everyone in geography to the best of my ability.  Some of my interests within GIS include, geodemographic segmentation, location-based services, and spatial analysis.   As the GIS representative, I will work my hardest alongside my colleagues to bring you events that are tailored specifically to those interested in a career in GIS.  Through my work experiences, I have gained firsthand knowledge about the GIS industry.  My last position in Hong Kong allowed me to work alongside governmental bodies and experts within the field.  Outside of geography, I enjoy biking, reading, weightlifting, and socializing with friends.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about courses, job searching, or even general questions about GIS!




Kathleen standing inside botanical gardens. Kathleen Dervenis, Environmental Geog Representative


I am in my fourth and last year of study at the University of Toronto and I specialize in Environmental Geography and minor in Environmental Anthropology—fields that I am extremely passionate about. In the near future, I even hope to pursue further studies in environmental sustainability and conservation and as I love travelling, I would like to focus on the importance of multicultural environmental management. For now however, I would like to represent this department that I love, fellow students and overall, the University of Toronto by creating a more, inclusive, environmentally-friendly University of Toronto. I am always open to new ideas and conversations on environmental topics as well as any questions or concerns especially as it pertains to geography programs and courses. If you ever want to reach out to me on campus, you can find me at Robarts Library or Sid Smith.



Alex smiling with a beach and trees in the background.Alex Walton, Human Geog Representative


I’ll be your human geography representative on TUGS this year! I’m currently a fourth year student here at UofT, completing a double major in Human Geography and Urban Studies. I’m really excited to be a part of the network that connects the geography department with the student community and look forward to making this a welcoming and accessible space. Entering university I had no idea I’d pursue a major in geography, but I’ve been drawn in by the program’s socio-spatial approach to issues that crosscut many different disciplines. I’m most interested in the intersections of environmentalism and social justice, and the queering of city spaces. You’ll probably find me somewhere in Robarts, around University College, or at one of the campus gyms.




Zahrah smiling, standing in front a big mirror with a plant pot beside.Zahrah Mohamed, Physical Geog Representative


This is my first year being a part of TUGS, and I am in my fourth year pursuing a specialist in Physical & Environmental Geography and minor in Geographic Informations Systems (GIS). I also have an interest in urban planning, and a keen interest in GIS. I hope to learn about different ways to incorporate GIS with various fields of study. Outside of the classroom, I love to swim, read, explore the city, and am an avid film and tv lover, and TIFF volunteer. I’m fairly new to the Geography Department, but I love the community of students and the warm environment it provides, so I look forward to meeting fellow students, and hope to be a part of making this a great year for everyone!