Finding a Supervisor

Applicants are expected to contact prospective supervisors at the time of application. Potential supervisors names must be listed within the application. Please review the Application Tips for general advice on contacting faculty members.

Faculty members listed below are actively recruiting graduate students for the next year. Faculty members not listed here may also be interested in supervising graduate students. To find out about the research interests of all of our faculty members, please review our full faculty listing.

Name Programs Details
Abizaid, Christian MA Geography; PhD Geography I am looking for students interested in joining my research program on rural livelihoods, poverty and environment in the Peruvian Amazon. This program seeks to understand how rural peoples make a living within the context of environmental and socioeconomic change, and to explain the spatial and social distribution of poverty. Possible themes include: river dynamics and livelihoods; greater access to affordable motors and cell phones and their implications for labor, marketing, finance and livelihoods more broadly; covid-19 among rural populations; social networks (e.g., religion, sports, kinship; rural-urban linkages), livelihood vulnerability and resilience; small Amazonian towns and their role in the regional economy; floodplain agriculture and/or fisheries. Inquiries from motivated students with a relevant academic background, an interest in field-based work, Spanish proficiency and prior research/travel experience in Latin America are strongly encouraged, as are students with experience with field experiments or social network analysis. Students will be expected to seek additional external funding opportunities. Inquiries from Individuals with a broader interest on cultural/political ecology, and rural livelihoods in Latin America are also welcome. Please include a brief research statement, cv, and transcripts. For more information please check my personal website
Adams, Matthew  MSc. Geography, PhD Geography, Dr. Adams is accepting motivated MSc and Ph.D. students with interests in urban pollution and exposure. Students have the opportunity to include fieldwork, analytical laboratory work, and computation in their research. Additionally, students who are interested broadly in urban environments will also be considered.
Allahwala, Ahmed  MA Geography I welcome inquiries from prospective MA students with the following research interests: urban (social) infrastructure; urban social policy in (post-) welfare states; place-based/spatially-targeted policies; neighbourhood inequality; the social and political geography of (urban) parks and green infrastructure. Open to considering PhD committee membership if interests align.
Arik, Hulya MA Geography I would like to work with students who are interested in the areas of geographies of religion and/or secularism, geographies of Islam and/or the Middle East, creative and cultural geographies of religion and/or Islam. I particularly encourage students who are interested in working with qualitative research methods. 
Bathelt, Harald PhD Geography; PhD Planning; MA Geography I welcome applications by students from geography and related fields who are striving for leading-edge economic geography research, both conceptually and empirically. Students who are interested in questions surrounding knowledge creation/innovation over distance; dynamics of (permanent and/or temporary) clusters; effects of international and domestic investment activity; technological and institutional change; or regional development and interregional inequality are invited to contact me with their ideas and proposals. Information about my research program and publication activity can be found at my website
Besco, Laurel MA Geography; PhD Geography Seeking graduate students interested in the law and policy of plastic pollution and/or community-engaged energy transitions. 
Boland, Alana MA Geography; PhD Geography I welcome inquiries from students with interest in China-related projects that are focused on environmental governance, urban political ecology, infrastructure, or urban and rural development processes.
Breznitz, Shiri PhD Geography This proposed study, focused specifically on Canada, aims to advance our understanding the relationship between university commercialization policy and output. The goal of this project is to demonstrate the ways in which universities’ policies, including invention ownership and commercialization efforts, such as incubators and accelerators, have the potential to contribute to the innovation economy. Through the experience and networks of the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy and the Innovation Policy Lab, this work will contribute to evidence-based decision making within universities and for policy makers at the provincial and federal levels.
Brown, Laura PhD Geography; MSc Geography I am actively recruiting highly motivated MSc or PhD students who are interested in the cryosphere, with a particular focus on ice and snow. Research projects are currently underway in Central Ontario and Nunavut. Potential projects could involve field work and/or remote sensing and/or numerical modelling.
Buckley, Michelle MA Geography; PhD Geography I welcome applications from students interested in feminist intersectional, postcolonial and anti-racist approaches to the study of urban life, specifically with an interest in a) experiences of work and employment in cities, particularly in Canada and the Gulf Cooperation Council or b) the economies that sustain housing and real estate.
Chen, Jing MSc Geography I am looking for 2 MSc students to participate in a NSERC-funded project for regional and global mapping of vegetation physiological parameters using remote sensing data for the purpose of improving global carbon and water cycle estimation. An advanced instrument Licor 6800F is available for measuring leaf photosynthetic parameters and a wet lab is equipped for measuring leaf pigments. Remote sensing algorithms are to be developed to retrieve these parameters using satellite data, and an ecosystem model will be improved with these new data for modeling regional/global carbon and water fluxes.
Conway, Tenley

MA Geography; MSc Geography;

PhD Geography

My research focuses on urban forests and human-environmental interactions in urban environments.

I have new or on-going projects exploring (1) municipal policy and non-governmental actors’ role in urban forest management, given the shift towards co-governance or participatory governance and (2) residents’ experiences, knowledge, attitudes and actions in relation to urban trees.

I am particularly interested in students who would like to focus on private tree stewardship, including monitoring trees planted through yard tree initiatives. I consider these topics from a socio-ecological systems perspective, emphasizing interactions among different actors, in light of environmental change and justice considerations.

Desloges, Joseph MSc Geography Not actively recruiting. Exception for an appropriate student who could complete their thesis in 12 months. 
Duval, Tim MSc Geography; PhD Geography The Stream and Wetland Ecohydrology Research Group seeks curious, motivated, and hard-working applicants at the MSc (2 spots) and PhD (1 spot) level to conduct original research in nutrient cycling, heavy metal and salt abundance, and water flowpath dynamics in urban and exurban streams, ponds, and riparian zones. We are especially interested in how changing climate is affecting wintertime dynamics in these systems. We will also be studying ecosystem restoration in abandoned sand and gravel pits of Ontario. Research approaches are field-centric, with additional lab analysis and experimentation. Applicants who enjoy working outdoors, in all weather conditions, and possess an attention to detail and patience in the lab are especially encouraged to apply. Come help us discover how to best integrate the urban into the natural!
Farber, Steven MA Geography; PhD Geography; PhD Planning Professor Farber is seeking MA and PhD students to join his lab and participate in transportation equity research projects within the Mobilizing Justice partnership (Mobilizing Justice).  
Farish, Matt MA Geography I welcome correspondence and applications from students working on North America during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, particularly those interested in militarization, colonialism and anti-colonialism, and urban cultural geographies.
Gilbert, Emily    Not actively recruiting. Open to considering co-supervision or committee membership.
Goffe, Rachel MA Geography; PhD Geography I'm particularly interested in working with students who are interested in informal and illicit land tenure and/or livelihood activities in the "Global South," especially in the Americas.
Harvey, Danny MSc Geography; PhD Geography In my graduate student supervision I am focusing on efficient use of energy in buildings and/or the integration of on-site renewable energy in buildings. Students with training in these areas and strong quantitative skills are invited to contact me as a potential MSc or PhD supervisor. Potential applicants at the PhD level should have a specific research question in mind that fills an identifiable research gap and which builds on their previous publications and training.
He, Yuhong PhD Geography

Fully-funded MSc and PhD positions are available at my Remote Sensing and Spatial Ecosystem Modeling laboratory (the RSSEM Lab). Candidates will develop new techniques for quantifying vegetation stress using the latest remote sensing technology. Some of the data will be collected using unmanned aerial vehicles carrying imaging sensors.

I look for students with the following qualifications: 1) sincere interest in remote sensing and vegetation ecology; 2) strong quantitative skills; 3) remote sensing skills, or the ability to learn them quickly; and 4) excellent oral and written communication skills in English. Applicants should send me a letter of enquiry and curriculum vitae.

Higgins, Christopher MA Geography; MSc Geography; PhD Geography; PhD Planning I am looking to recruit students interested in transportation accessibility, urban form and function, and spatial econometrics.
Hunter, Mark MA Geography; MSc. Geography,  PhD Geography I particularly welcome applications from students with an interest in the following topics: drug use (my current research), South Africa, education, and HIV/AIDS. More generally, ​I am keen to work with students who undertake critical studies that combine historical and ethnographic approaches. Some of the theorists I grapple with (in no particular order) are Marx, Fanon, Bourdieu, Foucault, Hall, and Gramsci.
Hyde, Zachary  PhD Geography; MSc Geography; MA Geography; PhD Planning My work focuses on housing, urban development and governance, gentrification and displacement, and the culture of cities. I have a background in Sociology and mainly use qualitative and ethnographic methods. I'm open to supervising students who work on a range of issues related to cities. 
Isaac, Marney MSc Geography; PhD Geography Recruiting students interested in the following research areas: Agroecology, biogeochemical cycles, soil fertility, plant functional traits, agroforestry, biodiversity, social-ecological systems, farmer networks.
Klenk, Nicole PhD Geography; MA Geography I am currently recruiting a master's and a PhD student interested in the environmental science-society-policy interface, in different ways of knowing and in narrative approaches to learning, science communication and community-based research.
Lehnherr, Igor MSc Geography; PhD Geography I welcome applications from motivated students interested in physical geography, environmental science, and biogeochemistry. My research aims to understand how environmental stressors, such as contaminants and climate change, impact aquatic ecosystems, particularly in northern Canada. Potential projects include: i) impacts of climate change on mercury cycling and methylmercury production; ii) reconstructing long-term trends in mercury contamination using tree-rings, ice cores and sediment cores; iii) mercury and organic contaminant bioaccumulation in an estuary impacted by hydropower development; iv) quantifying ecosystem metabolism (primary production and respiration) in ice-covered lakes; v) climate change impacts on lake and watershed biogeochemistry (carbon and nutrient cycling).
Liu, Jane PhD Geography; MSc Geography I welcome PhD and MSc students interested in studying environmental issues related to our atmosphere, biosphere, and/or interactions between them with advanced methods in remote sensing, model simulations, field experiments, and data analysis. I welcome highly self-motivated students with one or more backgrounds in physical geography, atmospheric science, environmental science, engineering, physics, mathematics, and other related disciplines. Please see my research interests on my website.
Mah, Julie MA Geography I am seeking masters students who are dedicated to creating more just cities and whose research interests firmly lie in one of these areas: (1) affordable housing policy and development; (2) gentrification and displacement; (3) equitable development approaches; (4) evictions and eviction prevention. It is expected that prospective students will have excellent writing skills, a willingness to contribute to multiple research projects and some grounding in housing knowledge. 
Martin, Adam MSc Geography

Graduate student positions are available for research in the areas of forest- and/or agroecology.

In both of these areas, The Global Environmental Change Lab focuses on better understanding how variability in plant functional traits, underpins plant- and ecosystem-level responses to global environmental change. In the area of forest ecology, graduate research will be related to better understanding: i) how and why wood traits (e.g., wood density, wood chemical composition) differ among and within tree species, and ii) the role this variation plays in governing forest ecosystem functions including carbon (C) storage and cycling. In the area of agroecology, graduate research projects will be designed to evaluate: i) how leaf functional traits (e.g., photosynthesis, leaf chemistry) differ among and within crops; ii) the role this variation plays in governing agroecosystem functions such as soil C dynamics; and iii) the role this variation plays in governing crop responses to environmental change such as extreme temperature events.

Mudaliar, Praneeta MA Geography I am currently recruiting a Masters students for 2023 admission for a project on cultural ecosystem services from lands owned and managed by institutions of higher education in North America. Through qualitative and quantitative methods, the project investigates the research questions: What kinds of CESs are provided by lands managed by institutions of higher education and how are they provided and ii) How can the inclusion of CESs in land management further the goals of equity and justice? A second project involves examining how climate justice is incorporated into climate change plans in Canada.
Narayanareddy, Rajyashree MA Geography; PhD Geography; PhD Planning I am seeking to recruit motivated students (1 to 2 MA students and 1 PhD student in Geography or Planning) who are interested in pursuing research projects on following topics: waste and water management and governance, infrastructure and urban informality. I welcome applications from students who have a theoretical interest in global urbanism, urban political ecology, feminist urban theory and waste/discard studies. While my research is located in Bangalore, India, I am eager to work with students whose research would be located in India or other geographical contexts across the global south and north. 
Olive, Andrea MA Geography I am currently accepting students working in the area of wildlife conservation policy in Canada and the United States (especially other effective conservation areas and private land conservation programs). 
Porter, Trevor MSc Geography; PhD Geography I am recruiting PhD and MSc students to carry out research on topics related to paleoenvironmental change. Past and current students in my group (UTM Paleolab) have specialised in reconstructing past changes from natural proxies preserved in tree-rings, biomarkers, ice-rich permafrost, and geochemical signatures. Most of this work is based in areas of N.W. Canada and Alaska. Please explore my website to learn more about recent projects and publications ( If this type of work interests you, please contact me ( to discuss potential projects and include a brief statement of your research interests and CV.
Prudham, Scott PhD Planning, PhD Geography  I am considering applications for supervision based on the convergence of interests and sensibilities. It will be case by case. Anyone interested in working with me should be in touch with me directly.
Rankin, Katharine MA Geography, PhD Planning, PhD Geography I welcome inquiries from prospective graduate students working in the areas of the geo/politics of planning and development, transportation infrastructures, the cultural politics of markets, diverse economies, community development, and with interests in feminist, decolonial, and critical planning theory. A geographic focus on South Asia or Canada, proclivity toward qualitative methods, and prior research experiences are particularly encouraged.
Robinson, John PhD Geography; PhD Planning I am only able to accept students who want to do their research within the Urban Climate Action Project (UCAP: ). This will mean work that is very focused on implementation of the City of Toronto’s TransformTO climate plan. In particular, I am currently working on engaging a marginalized community in east Toronto on articulating desired neighbourhood futures.
Ross, Tim PhD Planning; MA Geography The Engagement & Planning for Inclusive Communities Lab is recruiting graduate planning and geography students interested in conducting qualitative research focused on understanding experiences of (childhood) disability relating to transportation and mobility, inclusive play, institutional ableism, education access, housing, and healthcare environments. While individuals interested in conducting disability research relating to any of these topics are invited to reach out, we are recruiting one student to join an ongoing project focused on exploring the housing experiences and community participation of individuals with developmental disabilities. Prospective students should email both Tim Ross ( and Zehra Kamani ( 
Smith, Lindsey MA Geography I am looking to work with students interested in studying the influence of urban environments on human behaviours and health. My research focuses on mobility and travel modes although students may propose topics that utilize spatial data, GIS, and mixed methods to explore a range of environment-health relationships. I welcome students to contact me to discuss opportunities.
Subramanyam, Nidhi

PhD Geography; PhD Planning; MA Geography;

I welcome inquiries from students interested in using ethnographic, community-engaged, and/ or mixed methods to critically examine how cities are planning their relationship(s) to water in a changing climate. Other topics of interest include critical inquiries of state-society relations in the context of new planning models, labor migration, and emerging urbanization patterns in the Indian subcontinent.  
Vinodrai, Tara PhD Geography; PhD Planning; MA Geography; I am recruiting graduate students (Masters or PhD) interested in economic geography and urban economic development planning. My current projects explore the relationships between housing affordability and economic development; manufacturing and the maker economy; and the social and spatial implications of the shift to remote work. Students should contact me directly about their proposed research, outlining their specific interests and how they intersect with my current research program and interests.
Wang, Jue MSc Geography; PhD Geography

Prof. Jue Wang is recruiting Master's and Ph.D. students interested in space-time analysis of human mobility, geoprivacy, and environmental health, as well as modeling environmental exposures (e.g., green space, food environment, and noise exposure) and their effects on public health. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in GIS and spatial analysis (better with experience in statistics, spatial analysis, and programming).

All graduate students will be funded with the University's base funding package. Additional RA stipend may be provided if applicable.

Widener, Michael MA Geography; PhD Geography Professor Widener is recruiting master's and PhD level graduate students interested in research on the relationship between the urban built environment and health, using data science or mixed methods.
Wilson, Kathleen MA Geography; PhD Geography I am actively seeking students with interests in health equity and social justice. I am co-leading community-based research on the lived experience of the Covid-19 pandemic among immigrant and racialized populations in Peel Region. Students with interests in related issues are encouraged to apply. 
Zhang, Jun PhD Geography;MA Geography; I welcome highly motivated students from geography and related fields who are aspiring to do leading-edge research in economic geography, political economy, urban and regional development, institutional/governance studies, innovation studies, and/or China.